by Will Harrison

Hiya, wolves! This week starts out beautifully with curious, playful Moon in Sagittarius wrapping up on Monday. I hope you truly had a wonderful, adventurous weekend full of great times with friends!

As the Moon progresses into Capricorn Monday night, we’ll all be feeling more disciplined, focused and ready to work than during the last weekend, which makes for a promising Tuesday and Wednesday for getting work accomplished. This is the best time to study and do homework all week, friends. Just don’t be too hard on yourself; this energy tends to get us all doubting our potential and self-worth. Whatever it is you are setting your mind to this semester, you can do it. Some interesting transits are happening during this week, as always. Venus has been retrograde in Capricorn and conjunct Pluto for the past week and will be almost directly conjunct by the end of this week. This is the energy that’s been contributing to the intensity in relationships I’ve been seeing all around me recently. Has anyone else been feeling this? It’s been super fascinating! I’ve noticed this conjunction seems to be especially affecting women since Venus, being one of the feminine planets, is conjunct the deep, transformative influence of Pluto. Though the energies run deep, which can be slightly scary sometimes, this is a great opportunity for us all, and especially women, in my opinion, to undergo rapid growth in relationships with others, specifically those relationships of a romantic nature. 

Pluto is an outer planet and affects us here on Earth in mysterious ways — it’s important to be completely honest and above board during this time so as to have Pluto working with you instead of against you. When Pluto’s energies are being healthily expressed, nothing can get in your way; when we’re showing Pluto’s darker side (manipulation, obsession, control), then everything could be in our way. This energy has been rather intense, like I said, but has great potential for healing, growth and transformation in our relationships.

Also, since Venus is retrograde, it’s very likely to see old friends from the past and have them interact in a deep way (Pluto) with our lives. Happy reunions, friends! Hopefully they’re not too intense.

This is our last week of studious, intellectual Mercury in Aquarius before Mercury impacts us from the region of space known as Pisces; this is a really great time to focus on setting the foundation for this entire semester by having a positive vision of how it is all going to go. Now is the time to make those connections with your fellow wolves that will serve you later in the semester through study groups and the simple joy of having some friends in class.

Mercury in Aquarius is focused on the future and has definite goals to reach. Now is the time to really ask yourself what it is you want out of life, let alone what you want out of your education, and to make positive strides towards making your dreams a reality. For both life and your schooling, whatever you put into it is what you’ll get out of it. It won’t be until mid-February when we’ll see Mercury in Aquarius energy again as Mercury will then be retrograde. (That’s a whole other conversation that we will be sure to have in the next couple weeks, especially how to make the best of Mercury retrograde.)

By the end of this week, Mercury will be conjunct Neptune: Follow your dreams, literally and figuratively, friends. This will be a spacey time indeed with tons of random thoughts and words coming to you — the less you try and control your mind during the last part of this week, the easier things will flow for you.

This week is wrapping up the lunar cycle for this past month and is a time of resolution and moving towards new beginnings. When the New Moon is in Aquarius next Friday, it’s the perfect time to ask yourself, “am I being my true self? How can I express myself more? How can I contribute more to the world and universe around me?” This is a wonderful time to ask such self-revealing questions, reflect on the answers and move positively to change what we need to change. May we all have a great week.

Will Harrison studies French and Spanish. He can be reached at