1. Noble Pie Parlor (formerly Pie Face Pie Co.) This was a difficult decision because I eat a lot of pizza. In fact, I even consider pizza to be one my major food groups. But Noble Pie — I still call it Pie Face — wins for several reasons. They have the most unique and creative specialty pizzas, the slices are generously cut, the crust is not too dense and their ingredients are fresh and of high quality.

That all sounds generic, I’m sure, because pizza can be pretty generic. But it’s quite rare for pizza parlors in Reno to offer caramelized fennel-apple-onion, aged pecorino, prosciutto, horseradish cheese, toasted almonds, cinnamon or pine nuts as potential toppings.

Take, for instance, their brunch slice (because, yes, they’re open for brunch on the weekends too!): bianco base, light mozzarella, prosciutto, sun-dried tomatoes, asparagus, red onion and topped with hollandaise sauce and an egg over-easy. I can tell you that it’s just as good as it sounds — besides, pizza is the true breakfast of champions. Another great reason to love Noble Pie: they’re open later than most restaurants during the week and weekends, so when you get the “drunchies,” you always have somewhere to go.


2. The Blind Onion

3. JJ’s Pie Co.


Sparky’s The sports bar with the self-proclaimed “Best Happy Hour in Reno” (please refer to our dining guide for the true answer to that) also has the worst pizza. The sauce tastes like it was fresh out of the can and the pepperoni was cheap and sweating grease profusely. It was one of those meals you wish you hadn’t ordered.