Crowning the best sandwiches in Reno may seem like an easy task, but surprisingly, “The Biggest Little City” boasts a huge collection of excellent bread- covered options.

After embarking on a gluttonous journey, experiencing all the sandwich community has to offer, my stomach is appeased in my claim that I have found the best sandwich deli in Reno: Yosh’s Unique Deli.


1.Yosh’s Deli Located in The Grove on Foothill Road, Yosh’s consistently offers unique hand-crafted sandwiches that make your mouth drool. Steering away from the traditional simple deli sandwiches, Yosh’s uses home smoked meat and fresh baked bread with selections ranging from french dip, cinqueterra, to a delicious portebella.

If you’re a regular sandwich connoisseur, you’ll be happy to hear that they offer a new specially designed sandwich every week. If you’re not a sandwich kind of person, shame on you! Lucky for you though, Yosh’s also makes incredible salads, desserts and soups made fresh daily. If you’re looking for a sandwich that isn’t all about filling bread with lettuce and tomatoes, Yosh’s is the place for you.

2. Rubicon Deli

3. Michaels Deli & Catering


Mondo Subs in the Overlook Located on campus, the meat here is pre-sliced in typical commissary style.

For the five dollars you’ll spend at Mondo Subs, you can easily make your own sandwich at home. In the words of one of our editors, this place sucks because of the way the meats sit in their own juices and their bread is very flat tasting.