Out-of-towners are often surprised to find an abundance of raw fish in a medium-sized city tucked inside the Sierra Nevadas with Lake Tahoe as the closest major body of water. As a result, the sushi dining experience in Reno can be an interesting one. Here’s a guide to the best sushi in town and how to avoid a $20 mouthful of something regrettable.


Kaitlin Oki /Nevada Sagebrush

Kaitlin Oki /Nevada Sagebrush

1. Wasabi Japanese Fine Dining & Sushi

Last week I decided to give this all-you- can-eat sushi joint a try for the first time, and I will definitely be returning soon, especially for the unbeatable $15.90 lunch. To my surprise, the exceptionally reasonable pricing was far from compromised by the quality of their ingredients. Oftentimes I find AYCE sushi restaurants disguising mediocre fish with “house special sauce” or questionable names like “salmon nuggets.”

In contrast, the owner of Wasabi will gladly discuss his classical training in the art of sushi and why freshwater fish doesn’t belong in between rice and seaweed. To be fair, my Japanese background is probably playing a role here. If you’re not into the authentic, stray away.

If you prefer the deep-fried, tempura cream cheese, crunchy crunchy, super deluxe California roll topped with thousand- island “crab” salad and six different mayonnaise-based sauces, please refer to the bottom of this list. Thanks.

2. Reef Sushi & Sake

3. Tha Joint Sushi & Grill