By Alexa Ard,

Wolf Pack Alter Egos

TAE SONGS By day, Deonte Burton is a basketball player. But by night, he’s Tae Songs. After a day of hard work on the court, he’s making jams in the studio. Tae Songs does it all from rap and R&B to techno and country. If the NBA doesn’t work out, he’ll always have music. His first album, Bleed Blue, is coming out on iTunes this Friday. The number of pre-orders has already set a worldwide record. Go order it now, before it sells out!

JACK REYNOSO’S BEARD Jack Reynoso, of the football team, has super strength that comes from the power of his beard. His beard has helped Reynoso in many areas of his life such as football skills and getting chicks. The ladies simply put their numbers on a small piece of paper and slip it into his beard. One time there were 37 slips of paper with phone numbers hidden in his beard. The beard also has its very own Twitter page called Jack Reynoso’s Beard. He’s even making a movie called “No Country for No Beards.”

THE REAL QUEEN B’S Beyoncé better watch out for Nyasha LeSure and Iman Lathan of the women’s basketball team. The two made a music video in February singing Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love.” The two both sound just like Queen B. Beyoncé actually saw the video after it went viral, and she asked the two to join her on tour this summer. They will even be making a stop in Reno. Make sure to buy your tickets for the show on July 12 at Lawlor Events Center at which the Pack golf team will also compete in a dunk contest.

ONE DIRECTION Patrick Conroy is actually from England. That American accent? Yeah, it’s a fraud. He was actually going to be the sixth member of One Direction. He met the boy band back in London before they made it big. Conroy chose to leave the group to try out for the Nevada men’s basketball team. However, word around the street is that he’s holding auditions to start his own boy band, and so far D.J. Fenner and Lucas Stivrins have made the cut. Some of their beats will even feature Tae Songs.

TEAM MULLET Although Burton and Reynoso are strong advocates of the “fear the beard” campaign, football’s Brock Hekking is a firm believer in the power of the mullet. His inspiration for the hairstyle was Billy Ray Cyrus whom he recently met during spring break in L.A. Cyrus is now in the process of growing out his mullet. In an attempt to encourage both males and females to sport the mullet, Cyrus and Hekking will be making a song called “Rock the Mull which can be previewed on YouTube.