Associated Students of the University of Nevada Attorney General Steven Kish spoke to the Senate at the April 30 senate meeting concerning recent charges he filed against ASUN President Jake Pereira.

On April 16th, Kish filed a charge to the ASUN judicial counsel that accused Pereira of coercion, intimidation and bribery.

Mention of these issues were brief this evening, despite the tension they have brought to the student government.

Kish gave a debriefing of the subject and said the following:

“The charges are largely, if you read the assenting opinion, the question of lying while campaigning about his associations.”

“Really, the way this case needs to operate, is not if you agree with any organization, not if you like the president and the person, like his political views, like what he’s doing; it’s whether or not he can fully discharge the duties of his office, whether his character will be an impediment to that and where exactly his priorities are.

“Consider all this because it is not, will not, should not, be personal; is not, should not, and will not include proceedings outside of ASUN. You all have been elected to hold each other accountable. You’ve been appointed to hold the association [ASUN] accountable. For the integrity of this association, keep in mind this is first and foremost a classroom.”

“Don’t think of it as a witch hunt. Don’t think of it as you’re out for blood. Keep in mind; you do not solely, because it has made it this far, have to impeach him. Keep in mind; just because the judicial counsel has recommended the president for impeachment process, it does not mean you have to impeach him, and if he is impeached, it does not mean you have to remove him from office.”

“I’m sure there will be a variety of view points — a variety of things brought to the table. Decide it ultimately for yourself.”

“A lot of what has happened has put this senate session and the president under a microscope, so proceed with caution. Proceed the way the legal documents are laid out.”

The senate will meet on May 7 to discuss and vote on whether or not this issue will move to trial.