After more than 25 comments from the student body and more than two hours of discussion, the senate of the Associated Students of the University of Nevada voted to not go through with an impeachment trial of ASUN President Jake Pereira.


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The comments ranged from students speaking on Pereira’s character to allegations of perpetuating rape culture due to the sexist remarks in Coffin and Keys newsletters.


Referring to the multitude of public comments that spoke highly of Pereira’s character, work ethic and past accomplishments, College of Engineering Senator Zachary Brounstein said the reason the decision is so difficult is because he believes in Pereira but he can’t ignore the fact that he did commit wrongdoings.


“I think you are truly the best candidate for this position and I believe in your vision,” Brounstein said.

During the discussion, College of Liberal Arts Senator Abby Feenstra said she has heard students downplay the issue because many past ASUN presidents have been in Coffin and Keys.


Feenstra said now that the ASUN president is honest about his membership in the secret organization, his presidency has the chance to be more transparent than past administrations.


College of Business Senator Rosalie Ferebee said that it is now the responsibility of senators to be extremely critical of Pereira’s decisions in order to ensure there is no conflict of interest between his presidency and Coffin and Keys.


College of Journalism Senator Nick Beaton added that this senate meeting made it clear that putting any organization before the interest of the student body is a conflict of interest. This issue sets a precedent for any future ASUN officials who commit the same misconduct.


Pereira said he exchanged contact information with the president of Voices for Planned Parenthood so he can take action on the allegations of Coffin and Keys perpetuating rape culture.


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