By Maddison Cervantes

For all of those newcomers on the Nevada campus looking for a way to not spend a pretty penny on textbooks this semester, you have a variety of options.

It has become a trend for students to make the journey to Textbook Brokers, located off of North Virginia Street, when looking for the cheapest books.

Although students agree that it is a great outlet, do not let your search stop there.

The thing to remember is that there is not a set price for textbooks at any store. Therefore, a Spanish book from Textbook Brokers may be cheaper than at the Wolf Shop, but you could save on an anthropology book from the Wolf Shop where at Textbook Brokers, the price may be raised for that specific edition.

When it comes to these little bumps in the road, students such as Connor Mathews, a sophomore at UNR, find it resourceful to price each book before he makes a purchase.

“There have been way too many times where I’ve bought a book from the Wolf Shop and then found it at Textbook Brokers a week later, for rent, and so much cheaper,” Mathews said.

For the really determined, there are also online options for textbook shopping that people often rave about.

Once again, the same rules apply: before you purchase a book anywhere, weigh your options.

There are websites available such as Chegg or Skyo. These are convenient for renting or buying books, and they always have deals and discounts available. Chegg also offers you the opportunity to sell them your used books for cash.

Amazon is a well-known discount site that sells just about anything and everything, including textbooks.

“I only buy my books off Amazon,” sophomore Monica Zutter said. “They have the best prices and you don’t even have to wait in line.”

Staples’ website also provides great deals for students, you just have to look.

Another convenient aspect of shopping online is that if multiple books are ordered at one time, or if the total adds up to a specific amount, most of these websites will offer free shipping.

Pricing any of these options against Textbook Brokers or the Wolf Shop will put you on the right (and wealthier) track. And believe it or not, sometimes buying your books tends to be cheaper than renting.

“It’s smartest to get your textbooks after classes have started for the semester,” sophomore Maddy Hoehn said. “Every time I’ve tried to buy mine before- hand, I’ve had to return more than half.”

Hoehn agrees that students drop classes constantly during those first two stressful weeks, and returning books is a tedious task.

“Most professors know that everyone who is in class on the first day won’t be there all year, so they don’t usually rush us into getting the book right away,” Hoehn said.

Students at UNR, like Hoehn, have been through the long lines flowing out the Textbook Brokers door and dealt with the endless returns and exchanges. They seem to agree that waiting until you are settled into each of your classes is the best tactic when on the hunt for books.

When it comes to saving money, it takes a few simple searches through popular websites and stores to have your very own list of the cheapest textbook options before you know it.

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