By Eric Uribe

When teams are winning, quarterbacks get all the praise. When teams are losing, quarterbacks get all the blame. It’s harsh treatment, but it comes with playing the most important position in sports. Entering his senior season, Fajardo has to cement his legacy for the program and nothing cements it more than winning games.


Brock Hekking

Entering the season, Hekking ranks 10th in career tackles for loss (24.5) and sixth in career sacks (17.0) at Nevada. Hekking will leave his mark on the program, but he needs to make these game-changing players at more opportune times — against caliber opponents or in the fourth quarter of a tight game.


Jordan Dobrich

How impressive is it for a sophomore to be named team captain? Dobrich received that distinction last year and returns as captain again this season. Dobrich will build on an 80-tackle campaign in 2013.


matt galas

The once formidable Wolf Pack offensive line took a huge step backwards in 2013 and it’ll be up to Galas to steer it forward this year. The line is bristled with inexperience except for the two-year starter Galas, who was named one of four team captains.


don jackson

Anybody remember that SportsCenter Top 10-esque, 39-yard touchdown run Jackson pulled off against San Jose State? Those are the flashes Jackson shows. The key with Jackson is finding consistency and staying injury-free. The Wolf Pack can’t afford to be a one-dimensional offense again.

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*Photos courtesy of the Nevada Athletic Department