Photo courtesy of Matthew Setty
Setty partakes in field work for an environmental improvement project. The work Setty does with MWH Global allows for resource development to be accomplished by preserving and restoring the natural environment.

By Maddison Cervantes

Growing up Elko, Nevada, University of Nevada, Reno graduate Matthew Setty, found himself in the middle of the state’s mining industry, with a long family history consisting of it.
With his father in the business and his first jobs out of school located in and around mines, Setty had already experienced a lifetime of exposure to the world of mining long preceding his career.

It began with a bachelor’s degree in natural resources management, hydrology and conservation biology from UNR.
With said degree, Setty eventually earned the title of senior environmental project manager, specializing in hydrology, baseline studies and permitting at CH2M Hill, an engineer-procure-construct company.

Still moving forward, Setty has now been appointed to Principal Environmental Scientist of MWH Global, a world-leading consulting firm focused on water and natural resources for built infrastructure and the environment.

“We are very fortunate to have Matthew join our industry mining team,” said Michael DeDen, global mining sector leader of energy and industry for MWH. “His knowledge of the dynamic mining sector and professional credentials will support our delivery of strategic solutions to clients, especially in the Nevada mining market.”

Setty is a specialist in the environmental and water management of hard rock mining with nearly 18 years of international experience in the sector. His background is in water quality, conservation biology and geochemistry.

Each of these disciplines, Setty explained, are important to the resource extraction and conservation.

“This understanding allows me to both support and represent the economy of Nevada in a manner that demonstrates the beauty of our state,” Setty said.

Setty sought this position with MWH Global because he believes that the mining sector is an important industry for both Nevada and the broader world.
He has a history of successful mining projects throughout the western U.S., Alaska, South America and Central Asia.

Setty explained that global consulting takes a lot of commitment in both time and knowledge. It requires staying informed on the best technologies and techniques.

“I am currently in Lima, Peru working with our global mining strategy team,” Setty said. “While my focus is on client service in Nevada, I will continue to work with clients in Alaska, Canada and Latin America.”

However, he has quite a bit of competition in this specific market from many of his former peers from UNR. Setty said that the only way his company will succeed is by doing the job better than the competition.

“[My job] demands that I conduct my work in a transparent and quality manner and do it in a way that is cost effective and resource efficient,” Setty said.
According to Setty, public acceptance has always been a challenge to the global mining industry, even though it is critical to our local and global economy.

“The work I do with MWH allows for resource development to be accomplished while preserving and restoring our natural environments,” Setty said. “Preservation of biodiversity is paramount to the global understanding of the cost our impact has on the environment.”

Setty stated that he appreciates his work and the provided opportunities to travel and experience different cultures while serving his native Nevada.

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