by Ziad Rashdan

As the semester progresses and the assignments pile up, we tend to become internally focused. We lose sight of our surroundings and become bogged down and stressed out. One technique that I have found to be very effective is to take a moment and express gratitude and appreciation to the people that have helped me to get where I am.

Share with them what they have done and why it has impacted you so much. In my experience, it not only helps relieve stress, but it also gives you perspective. This technique is also great for the person who has impacted your life. It gives them a sense of appreciation and recognition for what they have done for you.

This technique does not need to take place in person. A simple call can work very well. If the person who has helped you the most is no longer here you can draft a letter and read it to yourself or to other important people in your life.

This approach gives you a chance to reflect on where you are in life and realize that the stress you are dealing with will pass. More importantly, it allows you to understand how your life and stress is not that bad and that you will get through it with the people that have always supported you.

This techniques gives you a constant reason to stay in touch with people that matter most to you, and it helps you see that you are not by yourself; it serves as a constant reminder of people that have and will always support you.

Ziad Rashdan studies business. He can be reached at