Playing intramural sports is a great opportunity to have some fun, get active and meet new people. Because so many people are interested in this opportunity, there are several intramural sports, each broken down into multiple leagues.

The intramural sports offered at UNR include flag football, volleyball, outdoor soccer, basketball, wiffleball and futsal. The current season is flag football. This is one of the most popular intramural sports, so the teams are broken up into five leagues.

The first league is Co-Ed A. This league requires a minimum of three females on a roster of between six and 16 players. “A” stands for advanced, and the teams in this league are confident in their abilities. These players are likely to have more experience.

For those that are not as confident but still want to participate, there is Co-Ed B. The same rules

apply regarding number of players and the number of females, but this league is a bit less intense. It is called, “the intermediate league” on the intramurals website. This league is for players who have the basic skills of the sport and a general understanding of the rules.

Men’s division A is an advanced league as well. Teams in this league must have between seven and 15 players, all male. This league is one of the most competitive and is reserved for guys who know how to play flag football well. Men’s division B is run by the same rules as division A, just at a less serious level.

The fifth league is for women only. It is not broken into “A” or “B.” It welcomes women of all skill levels to play. However, only one women’s team registered for this league this year.