By Jennifer Marbley

Homecoming Week Raises donations for the homeless

Jake Pereira, president of the Associated Student of the University of Nevada said that Homecoming week generated donations for homeless people in Reno during the ASUN Senate meeting. The Pack Gives Back was an event designed to give donated goods to local homeless shelters during the winter months.
The homeless survival packs included personal hygiene items such as toothpaste, soap and shampoo. Bottles and blankets were also included.
During Homecoming week, Pereira said they collected almost 6,000 homeless survival packs in collaboration with Volunteers of America. According to Pereira, they received support from local Reno businesses.
In addition to the survival packs, over 600 pounds of clothing were donated by students to give to the local homeless population. Pereira said that they may have too many packs to distribute to only one homeless facility, but admits that this is a great problem to have.

ASUN Committee plans to combat sexual assault on campus

Sen. Abby Feenstra of the College of Liberal Arts discussed the Committee on University Affairs’ plan to raise awareness about sexual assault. Representatives of the university attended the meeting including Dr. Cindy Marczynski from the Counseling Center, Program Specialist Colleen Jo Harvey from the Office of Student Conduct and Denise Cordova, the Title IX Coordinator. They are working together to start an initiative to change the conversation on sexual assault on campus from being perceived as a women’s rights issue to something that concerns all genders.
Harvey is working on the “I Stand” campaign, an event that aims to educate students about what they can do to fight sexual assault on campus. It will take place Oct. 20 with Sen. Dean Heller and survivors of sexual violence speaking at the event. They are also discussing incorporating the White House’s campaign “It’s On Us” which focuses on including men in the fight to end sexual assault.

Insight magazine seeks to increase readership

Christian Bertolaccini, editor-in-chief of Insight Magazine, came to the ASUN Senate meeting to discuss the latest issue of the publication. Bertolaccini reported that Insight Magazine finished in third place in the Associated Collegiate Press award in San Diego earlier this year. The magazine’s latest issue is called “Then and Now,” and it reflects on the university’s history as well as its future.
The Insight Magazine have increased in readership since last year, but are currently looking to expand the size and diversity of their readership by encouraging students to volunteer to submit their work. Students interested in contributing to the magazine can attend the publication’s semi-weekly meetings on Tuesday and Thursday at 7 p.m.

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