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Illustration by Leona Novio /Nevada Sagebrush

by Chris Boline

Nevada is riding high following its third straight road win and has some time to gather itself before a showdown with first-place San Diego State this Saturday.

However, before the focus shifts to the Aztecs, let’s take a step back and look at a lighter topic.

For this column, the best choices for Halloween costumes of specific Wolf Pack football personnel were laid out in relation to their characteristics on and off the field. This year the primary focus was placed on movie villains, not necessarily because the football team is nefarious, but because villains make the most interesting outfits and really bring out the spirit of the holiday.

So, without further ado, here are the picks for what each player’s spiritual villain would be:

Quarterback Cody Fajardo: David Kessler “An American Werewolf in London”:

Looking at the plot of “An American Werewolf in London,” one can see how the first and second acts of the film have some eerie similarities with how Fajardo has been performing in the first and second halves of games this year. The quarterback has been sporadic this season in the first half of games, but spectacular in the second half. So far, Fajardo has combined for six total touchdowns and four picks in the first halves of games, which is remarkably pedestrian for him and similar to David Kessler’s story in the film before being bitten (spoiler alert, sorry not sorry) by the werewolf.

However, Fajardo has done his best werewolf transformation in the second half of this season’s games. The quarterback has gone off in the second period, notching 15 total touchdowns and just three interceptions. Maybe Fajardo did just take a low-key trip to the North York Moors this offseason, and the werewolf juice is only now starting to kick in.

Defensive end Lenny Jones: The Predator “Predator”:

Before you jump in with an obligatory, “Bleh, he only picked Lenny because he has dreads and any player with dreads could be the Predator,” let me just stop you right there, because not even Jesse “The Body” Ventura could make a better selection here. Jones was named a Freshman All-American after notching seven sacks in his redshirt freshman season and, while he has been quiet at times since then, he always seems to make a big play when needed. Now, if you look at the plot of “Predator,” the monster doesn’t reveal itself until the end of the movie, but everyone knows something is out there. Offensive coordinators still need to plan for Jones because of his big-play capability, but for all we know, the junior defensive end could have something special saved up for the end of the season. It might not be as special as a muddied-up Arnold Schwarzenegger fighting an extraterrestrial hunter, but if he has three sacks in a Nevada rout of UNLV, I think kids around the area will start being Jones for Halloween instead of the Predator.

Head coach Brian Polian –      Two-Face, “The Dark Knight”:

Polian was tabbed last year to suit up as Jack Torrance from “The Shining” and, even though this is still a fun pick for him, another cinematic mainstay was chosen for the head coach to emulate. To the media and fans, coach Polian is very diplomatic, charismatics and just a nice guy in general, just like district attorney Harvey Dent.

However, after Dent’s transformation, he becomes a raging madman, which is very similar to how Polian acts when the referees are blowing the game or his players miss a critical play. Notice that I picked “The Dark Knight” version of Two-Face and not the Two-Face of “Batman Forever,” played by Tommy Lee Jones.  This is not because Jones did a terrible job (he was charming in the role), but because we got to see both sides of Dent, just like we get to see both sides of Polian on a regular basis. Just make sure to never park in his spot by Lombardi or you’ll get the horns.

Running back Don Jackson – Nino Brown, “New Jack City”:

Drug dealer Nino Brown from “New Jack City” is the most human character of all the selections made in this year’s Halloween picks.  However, this does not excuse the fact that he is still a psychopathic drug dealer, albeit a very suave one. Now, the way Jackson (the team’s leading rusher with 456 total yards) would put on his best Brown outfit would be by rocking articles of clothing he already has.

Gold chain? Check. Kangol hat? Probably. Custom suits? Absolutely. Throw in Jackson’s custom grill and charisma and we have a New Age Nino Brown on our hands. Maybe Jackson needs to rework his Instagram handle from “Donny Montanaaa” to “Don Brown.” Just a thought. 

Chris Boline can be reached at and on Twitter @CDBoline.