By Jacob Solis


Robert Goodman: Democrat

Occupation: Retiree

Experience: Nevada Director of the Department of Tourism and Economic Development, Wyoming Economic Development Director

Platform: Goodman has promised to work for Nevadans by improving the tourism and business industries, especially through the expansion of global trade between the state and Asian markets.

Brian Sandoval: Republican

Occupation: Nevada governor, elected 2010

Experience: Attorney, Nevada State Assemblyman, chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission, Nevada Attorney General, Federal District Court Judge

Platform: Sandoval has promised to “get Nevada working again” by diversifying the economy, maintaining a business-friendly environment and reforming the state’s education system.

David Lory VanDerBeek: Independent American Party

Occupation: Marriage and family therapist

Experience: Idaho Army National Guard, therapist

Platform: VanDerBeek has promised to restore the American Dream through the abolition of taxes, reduction of federal control over the state and the establishment of water and energy independence for Nevada.

Lieutenant Governor

Lucy Flores: Democrat

Occupation: Nevada State Assemblywoman, elected 2010

Experience: State assemblywoman, assistant majority whip in the Assembly, vice-chair of the Nevada Legislative Caucus

Platform: Flores has promised to help reform the education system through increased funding, strengthen the economy, create jobs by working on the Nevada Board of Economic Development, push for immigration reform and work to expand the availability of affordable healthcare by fighting efforts to strike the program down.

Mark Hutchison: Republican

Occupation: Nevada State Senator, elected 2012

Experience: Attorney (senior partner at Hutchison & Steffen), member of the Nevada Commission on Ethics, represented Nevada in a federal suit challenging the Affordable Care Act

Platform: Hutchison has promised to create jobs (especially by reducing tax burdens on small businesses) and focus on improving the state’s education system by directing funding at classrooms and giving more credence to parents, students and teachers than the bureaucracy.

Mike Little: Independent American Party

Occupation: Businessman

Experience: Bachelor’s degree in architecture, experience in farming, business, building and development

Platform: Little has promised to protect the rights and liberties of every Nevada citizen through use of the 10th Amendment, reform the state’s education system by create state standards to replace Common Core and address the state’s economy by focusing on farming and attracting new industries.

Reno Mayor

Ray Pezonella: Non-partisan

Occupation: Engineer

Experience: Founded Pezonella and Associates, a local geo-technical engineering firm

Platform: Pezonella has promised to ensure fiscal responsibility through accountability plans and work to attract new industries and businesses to Reno by maintaining a business-friendly environment.

Hillary Schieve: Non-partisan

Occupation: Reno City Councilwoman, elected 2012

Experience: Owns two small business in MidTown, instrumental in MidTown’s creation, City Councilwoman since 2012

Platform: Schieve has promised to reduce the number of empty buildings in Reno by reducing relevant city fees, create jobs and fight wasteful spending.

Reno City Council: Ward 2

Elisa Cafferata: Non-partisan

Occupation: President and CEO of Nevada Advocates for Planned Parenthood Affiliates

Experience: Management and analyst work in Regional Planning for the Truckee River area, the Living River management plan and the Truckee River Flood Project

Platform: Cafferata has promised to support local small businesses and work to embrace new technologies and innovations.

Naomi Duerr: Non-partisan

Occupation: Co-owner of Desert Pacific Exploration, Inc.

Experience: Worked in geologic and environmental consulting, mineral exploration, State water planner and on the Truckee River Flood Project

Platform: Duerr has promised to utilize innovation and emerging high-tech industries while also improving public safety, education and fiscal accountability through appropriate funding.

Reno City Council: Ward 4

Paul Mckenzie: Non-partisan

Occupation: Secretary Treasurer for the Building and Construction Trades Council

Experience: Military Police in the U.S. Army, Sergeant First Class in the National Guard, and worked with the Engineers Local 3 union

Platform: McKenzie has promised to support the education system by ensuring the availability of resources such as adequate infrastructure, parks and libraries and engage the community through open communication.

Bonnie Weber: Non-partisan

Occupation: Washoe County Commissioner for District 5, elected 2002

Experience: Washoe County Commissioner, chairwoman of the Regional Transportation Commission, a director at Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitor’s Authority

Platform: Weber has promised to protect property rights, promote fiscal responsibility and ensure adequate public safety independent of geographical lines.

Jacob Solis can be reached at and on Twitter @TheSagebrush.