By Maddison Cervantes

People flew into Reno from all over the country to tap into their dreams and plan for the lives they want to live.

The fourth annual 1 Life Fully Lived conference was held at the University of Nevada, Reno in the Joe Crowley Student Union last Saturday and Sunday. The Joe was filled with world-class motivational speakers and attendees from all walks of life.

This conference is dedicated to encouraging people to “dream, plan and live” their lives in a more optimistic and satisfying way. The university’s professional business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, stated that they align with this concept of living and partnered with the organization to assist in planning and hosting the event.

Sophomore and DSP member Marcus Casey discovered the organization through a fraternity brother when the conference was hosted at Truckee Meadows Community College. Casey valued the meaning behind the organization, and believed that students would benefit from the experience. He then became driven to host the next 1 Life Fully Lived conference at UNR.

During both days of the conference, multiple speakers with different skill sets separated into breakout sessions throughout the building. Information provided during these sessions included the most efficient ways of handling money, effective planning practices, focusing techniques and how to stay physically and mentally healthy.

Attendees often find the conference to be highly rewarding due to the different features offered by speakers, such as learning the steps to having a more positive outlook, and acquiring the motivated mindset.

“The guy in one of the sessions was handing out money to anyone who participated, because we put ourselves out there,” said senior Adrienne Bragas. “He was trying to get the audience to do exactly that.”

Keynote speaker David Osborn gave an hour-long tutorial on how to create a life plan and then fulfill it, which is something that Tim Rhode, founder of 1 Life Fully Lived, believes would be beneficial for college students. Osborn distributed $20 bills to each individual who provided a response to him during his session, explaining that when one takes a chance in life, he or she gets rewarded.

As an entrepreneur, Osborn has experienced both struggle and achievement. He explained the importance of constructing a bucket list full of adventure and surrounding yourself with passionate, goal-oriented individuals.

Osborn spends time going on trips with a group of men who influence him in a positive way. Through their adventures, they discuss their plans for the future, and they each offer their support.

“I have a vision for my life,” Osborn said. “I learned that if I drive myself in the direction that I’ve chosen, nothing else matters and there’s no way that I’m not going to achieve that future.”

Osborn encouraged his audience to choose their path of life, and if done so permanently, success will be in their future. This mindset is something that junior Kerem Ozmen believes he would have benefitted from earlier in his college career.

“Everyone has a lot of great insight, but I wish I could have come to something like this as a freshman,” Ozmen said. “I’m still learning a lot but I would have taken it to heart back then too.”

The organization is interested in reaching out to students like Ozmen, but during that earlier and less-developed stage in college.

“In my mind, college prepares you for a career, but it doesn’t prepare you for having a plan in the real world and to think ahead,” Rhode said. “And that’s what we are about.”

Rhode began the organization because he was finding that people were not acquiring the necessary tools to be successful in the real world. He was in contact with specific individuals who had overcome similar struggles, and knew how to help.

Speaker Hal Elrod wrote a book titled “Miracle Morning,” a guide to a positive start to each day. He spoke during the second session on Saturday, and explained that as a life coach, he also endures struggle.

At 25 years old, Elrod was thousands of dollars in debt, lost his home and continued to sink into depression. His book is about his developed morning routine that he discovered, after months of despair, was the key to success.

Elrod explained that his “Life S.A.V.E.R.S.,” the steps to his Miracle Morning, are simple procedures such as brushing your teeth, reading a book and exercising, but they result in a confident day, every day.

With the assistance of his world-class speaking friends, Rhode was able to establish 1 Life Fully Lived and begin turning lives around through energetic inspiration and guidance.

“Our title is, ‘Creating flow in your mind, body and soul,’” Rhode said. “Flow is when you are doing something you love and you lose all track of time, and we want everyone to live their whole lives like that.”

Maddison Cervantes can be reached at and on Twitter @madcervantes.