By Rocio Hernandez

Senate swears in new senator and elections chair

Sophomores Emilia Carro and Matt Dragan joined the Associated Students of the University of Nevada as the new College of Education senator and election chair, respectively, during the senate meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 3.
Sen. Carro replaced Jade Mack, whose resignation was announced on Nov. 5. In her resignation letter, Mack stated that she wanted to invest more of her time in school during the end of her senior year.
The election chair is responsible for the operations of ASUN elections. Dragan took the place of Jake Flynn, who served as election chair since the beginning of the 81st session. During the Nov. 19 meeting, Flynn informed the senate that he accepted a full-time job and could no longer fulfill his duties as election chair.

Senators support the creation of additional student advisory boards

An initiative put forward by the Office of the Provost to create student advisory boards in all of the colleges on campus is being a supported in a resolution written by Sen. Marissa Crook of the College of Liberal Arts.
The resolution states that existing advisory boards “successfully connect student with the leadership of their college.” It also suggests that student advisory board will bridge ASUN senators to the leadership within their colleges.
Sen. Ryan Hood of the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources said that he sees the establishment of an advisory board as a benefit for his college because the fields of study within CABNR create student diversity.
Sen. Bryce Warner of the College of Business mentioned that he has seen students benefit from being a part of the student advisory boards that exist in his college; some have gone on to win the senior scholar award.
The resolution passed unanimously.

Senators in favor of new student email requirement

Sen. Ryan Suppe of the School of Journalism presented a resolution co-written by Sen. Anthony Ramirez of the College of Engineering and himself that endorsed the University of Nevada, Reno Information Technology’s plan to mandate emails for incoming students.
The resolution suggests that a hold be placed onto the MyNevada accounts of students who have not signed up for a Nevada student email; the hold would not allow the students to register for classes until the requirement was fulfilled. However, after the student signs up for the email, it will be their choice whether they want to use the Nevada student emails as their preferred email address.
The resolution passed unanimously.
ASUN recommends that the emails be mandated during the next possible orientation session.

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