By Maddison Cervantes

Interdisciplinary Senator Resigns

Former senator of the Interdisciplinary Program Alex Sung has made the decision to resign from the Associated Students of the University of Nevada senate. Sung has recently accepted a research opportunity offer at the University of Nevada School of Medicine and stated in his letter of resignation to Speaker of the Senate Caden Fabbi that he will no longer be able to dedicate his time to the student government.

“As I am no longer able to fulfill my duties as a senator, I feel it is best to resign from my position,” Sung wrote.

Senate passes resolution in support of medical amnesty in Nevada 

Sen. Quinn Jonas of the College of Liberal Arts introduced a resolution that will grant minors legal protection when seeking assistance for themselves or another individual who is in need of immediate medical attention due to consumption of alcohol.

As stated in the resolution, research done by the Medical Amnesty Program at Cornell University found that the number of alcohol-related calls to Cornell’s Emergency Medical Services increased each year after the Medical Amnesty Program was put into effect.

Ryan Hood, senator for the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources, stands in support of the resolution that allows easier access to medical services for any individual when in an emergency.

“Underage drinking on campus happens, it’s unavoidable,” Hood said. “Student lives are of the utmost importance and we should work on improving drinking culture on campus instead of pretending it doesn’t exist.”

The resolution was passed unanimously.

Clubs and Organizations funding

Gabriel Somoza, a representative for several clubs on campus, discussed the funding of clubs and organizations during the Public Comment portion of the senate meeting.

Somoza believes that as the student population increases, the funding for the ASUN Department of Clubs and Organizations should be increasing as well.

“It’s advertised that we have more than 250 clubs, and I think that if we are trying to get more students to be active on campus through clubs, the funding needs to be there,” Somoza said. “Investing in concerts and speakers on campus does have a positive impact of student life, but investing in things that students create themselves will have a more direct impact.”

Sen. Marissa Crook of the College of Liberal Arts pointed out that the amount of funding that the clubs and organizations department is receiving has been increasing at a faster rate than the amount of undergraduate students.

Assistant Director of Student Management James Beattie stated that the Clubs and Organizations commission has met several times to address the problem.

Sen. Nick Andrew of Interdisciplinary Program will be looking into moving around small amounts of the ASUN budget.

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