By Abby Feenstra

Next week is Spring Break. After that, we only have nine – count ‘em, nine! – weeks left before the end of tests, papers, presentations and all other scholarly endeavors. And for the class of 2015, myself included, well, we’re looking at the end of everything. Whether your undergraduate experience here at Nevada has been purely academic, or has expanded out to include an on-campus job, Greek life, clubs, athletics, student government or whatever else, pretty soon the most involvement you’ll have in those areas is representing them with a stole or a shout-out on your graduation cap. Once we’re on the other side of Spring Break, graduation is going to come up real fast.

I should have graduated last year (sorry, four year graduation rate statistics…). Although a big chunk of my class ended up staying with me for the fifth year victory lap, there were those who managed to get out in four. And what I most remember from this time last year is how disengaged those people became.

I mean, nothing personal against them. I understand how crippling senioritis can be. When you’re grappling with taking senior pictures, planning graduation parties, making sure your grad announcements get out on time, and of course that minor, insignificant thing called a job or grad school search, it’s easy to get completely wrapped up in the future — especially when the future is so uncertain, as I know it is for many of us at this point.

But the future is the future. We’re going to spend the rest of our lives working, and probably continuing to worry about the future of our careers, or our marriages or our children. At what other point in our lives are we going to be in our last semester of college at the greatest university in the world?

I’m not saying you should completely throw worrying about the future out the window. Don’t disregard your job search. Don’t blow off your medical/law/graduate school applications. Make sure you order all your stoles in time to be able to fully represent your undergraduate experience. But please, don’t forget you’re still experiencing college!

Keep going to your club’s events and meetings. Don’t check out of your on-campus job or student government position. Put in an appearance at a final Wolf Pack game (our baseball team’s doing really, really well right now, just saying). Go to your last ever ASUN event.

And please, keep acting your age. It’s too easy to get caught up in the professionalism of job interviews and personal statements, and start feeling like you actually need to be that professional all the time. You don’t. Not yet. You can make time to go to the Wal on a Thursday night and order an abominable amount of sugary Scooby Snack shots that leave you hating your life the next morning. When the hell else are you going to be able to do something like that? Fridays are work days in the real world.

We’ve made it this far, class of 2015. We want to go out with a bang, right? Don’t forget all the parts of college that helped get you to where you are now. We are so, so close. But we get to be crazy college kids for just a little bit longer. Let’s drink to that.

Abby Feenstra studies English literature and women’s studies. She can be reached at and on Twitter @TheSagebrush.