I would like to congratulate the ASUN Senate on its recent decision to reject concealed weapons carry on college campuses, as proposed in AB 148, which is currently being debated by Nevada’s State Legislature.


As a professor of UNR I strongly urge to maintain our current policy of banning firearms on campus to ensure safety. Law enforcement at UNR continues to do a very commendable job on our campus, and is very focused on security.


Most importantly, concealed weapons on UNR’s campus would inhibit the educational/classroom experience, and would also expose teacher/student security to random chance. As an educator I often engage in topics that do not please the reason and world-view of other individuals, who can often feel threatened by other perspectives. Knowing that said individuals would possibly have a gun on them would curtail academic freedom by the vigilant stance embodied in AB 148.


As such, I also urge this discussion to go beyond our campus, as this will become a state law, not just a law for UNR if AB 148 is enacted and our ban of weapons is struck down. Academic freedom of expression will be hindered everywhere.




Louis Forline

Associate Professor, Anthropology, UNR