By Jacob Solis

College of science senator resigns

Senator for the College of Science Jeffrey Dominguez submitted his letter of resignation to the senate. In his letter, Dominguez stated he no longer wished to fulfill his bureaucratic duties, and felt it was best to resign.

The resignation came with only two weeks left in the 82nd session and follows the earlier resignation of COS Sen. Catie McCrillis. The resignations temporarily left the COS without representation in the Associated Students of the University of Nevada.

Senator Appointed

In light of the resignations of both senators for the College of Science, the senate moved forward with the appointment of a College of Science senator, despite concerns that only two weeks remain in the session.

The two candidates for appointment were Abbie Schepps and Colin Wilhelm, each of whom are senators-elect for the College of Science. As such, both candidates will take office at the start of the 83rd session regardless of the senate’s decision to appoint.

In an unexpected move, Wilhelm endorsed Schepps without rescinding his own candidacy, presenting the reasoning that she had more experience in ASUN. Schepps had previously worked as a legislative intern for ASUN.

“Since [Schepps] does have a lot more experience, I’d like her to be able to take this position this week,” Wilhelm said. “I know that seems a little weird, but I want her to be able to use the skills that she has.”

With two abstentions, Schepps was eventually appointed to the senate to serve out the remainder of former senator McCrillis’ term in a 13-1 vote. Despite the outcome, many senators expressed displeasure at both candidates’ apparent lack of knowledge of their own college.

As put by College of Education Sen. Thomas Green, “Do we have to vote for anybody?”


In a unanimous vote, the senate voted to approve Senate Bill 82-46, a bill that appropriates roughly $3,000 from the ASUN capital account to build a wall plaque for the Pennington Student Achievement Center. The plaque would be engraved with the name of every student who has graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno, beginning with the class of 1874. As new classes graduate, more names will be added to the plaque.

The senate also voted to approve Senate Resolution 82-122, which lends the support of ASUN to SB 117, a bill currently working its way through the Nevada legislature.

SB 117 would add two vaccines to the list of vaccines required for entry into the public school system, one for meningitis and one for the human papilloma virus. This would expand the list of required vaccines to nine.

During discussion, College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources Sen.  Ryan Hood expressed the opinion that while vaccines are important, forcing vaccination for HPV, a sexually transmitted infection, was “silly.”

In response, Division of Health Sciences Sen. Velsabet Mojica contended that HPV represents a significant threat to public health, noting that the disease is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the United States.

The final vote tallied 12-2 in favor.

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