This is my final sports column as a member of The Nevada Sagebrush and it is a bittersweet experience.

While it definitely will be nice not having to worry about constant deadlines, my mental health and also being able to sleep in again on Sundays, leaving the “Sportsbrush” will leave a huge hole in my life. This section has been a huge honor to write for, and I have had several of articles I am proud of that have been published since my freshman year. I have written articles ranging from the student-athlete dress code and former Wolf Pack players that are now teachers in the community, to figuring out which pro wrestlers would serve as appropriate stand-ins for a variety of Nevada athletes. The biggest impression I have gotten from writing these articles is the experiences behind them that never made it to print.

These last four years have been filled with many fun memories and the following is a list of some of my personal takes on the Pack’s biggest stars over the years. Some of these are weird and others are more serious, but they’re all unforgettable in their own way.


The former Western Athletic Conference freshman of the year in 2009 was always a very insightful and self-aware athlete to interview. While others maybe knew Wim for his cutting humor, I’ll always remember running into him at various Wells Fargo ATM’s around town. It is weird, but Wim was always getting his paper.


Galas was probably the most down-to-earth player I interviewed during my time with the Sagebrush and it showed on the practice field. The former starter at center was known for wearing short-shorts on a regular basis at Wolf Pack Park, the kind that would make Daisy Duke blush.


Not only was Brock’s interview on The Brush Up last year the most watched episode in the show’s history, but him bench pressing host Leo Beas was the highlight of my spring semester that year. It is an added caveat that he was picked by the Chargers following this year’s NFL Draft. #BoltUp.


Jackson is easily the most personable and best guy to interview on the football team’s roster. Jackson, like many good speakers, makes it seem like you are the only person in the room. It also should be mentioned that he probably has one of the best Instagram handles of any Nevada student, “Donnymontanaa.”


Kudos to Mr. Bell, who was known as quite the enigma around the Sagebrush sports desk. Bell probably had the best cardio output of any Pack athlete because he seemingly walked everywhere he went and was sports editor Eric Uribe’s partner-in-crime at every house party he went to.


Burton is one of the most exciting athletes I have seen in my time at the university and even though he never won the big game, he will always be remembered. While I will definitely remember Deonte’s heroics against UNLV, his buzzer-beaters or his thunderous dunks, what some forget is that he had a penchant for wearing red all the time. Seriously, it seemed whenever I saw Burton he was rocking something crimson in his wardrobe. Burton was essentially the bizarro Mimi Mungedi in terms of rocking Wolf Pack sweats.


Not only does Dobrich have one of the coolest tattoos on campus (who doesn’t like a wolf tat?), he is one of the best examples of a student (3.9 GPA in mechanical engineering) and athlete (two-time team captain in football) in recent Wolf Pack history. Also anyone that goes to Gold ‘N Silver at 2:30 on a Saturday morning is a good dude in my book; just make sure not to break anymore fences, big guy.

There are plenty of other names I’m leaving out, but one of the things I won’t miss from the Sagebrush is being confined by a word count, so if I missed you please drop me a line and we can hash it out over endless wings at the Cantina. Finally, I want to give a shout-out to all my fellow NARPs (non-athletic regular people) for keeping on the grind; it’s the regular people who keep the big wheels turning.

Chris Boline can be reached at and on Twitter @CDBoline.