By Blake Nelson

Reno’s explosion into an art centric town has fostered not only renown for the city, but also created many places for artists to exhibit their work. The community of Reno has come together to create space for local and upcoming artists across the city to diversify the cities overall culture.

Just 10 years ago, the arts in Reno were greatly unrecognized. However, in recent years establishments like the Nevada Museum of Art have been reaching out to the community with classes and opportunities to volunteer in the museum itself.

Besides main establishments like the Nevada Museum of Art, smaller grassroots organizations and galleries have cropped up to accommodate the community’s need for art spaces for all ages and art types.

Places like Never Ender, a boutique which opened in 2004, have created art spaces for unknown and established artists.

“[Never Ender] is a valuable part of the community,” says Melanie Crane, owner of the boutique. “The art culture in the last five years has grown immensely, compared to 10 years ago, when there was very few galleries.”

And now multiple locations offer spaces to not only present visual art, but to perform music and host events.

The Holland Project

Photos by Breanna Denney

The Holland Project is a mainstay of Reno art. Founded in 2006 and dedicated to all-ages art, Holland has increasingly taken steps to reach out to the community and give back by providing an art gallery and a venue for live music. Last year Holland celebrated the completion of its “Grounded for Life” campaign, buying the building that it is housed in and ensuring its place in Reno for years to come. Catch a concert starting at $5, visit a local artist’s exhibit or take one of the workshops hosted by a local volunteer. All these events can be attended by anyone because of Holland’s “all ages, all the time” policy.

Reno Art Works


Down on Dickerson Road, right after Second Street ends going west, is a wealth of art and culture in the warehouses that wind along the river. At the fore of Dickerson is Reno Art Works, a warehouse that boasts a variety of possibilities for the artist. RAW has a gallery, an area to perform music and offers various classes to the public. It also offers artist residency for anyone who wants or needs a space to create. Once a month it hosts receptions for the exhibit of a resident artist along with other events for the community.

Bibo Microgallery


Stop in right off of campus on Record Street to pick up a coffee and see a collection of work from a local artist. In association with The Holland Project, Bibo Coffee Co. has opened its doors to anyone, especially younger artists who want to display art. The exhibit changes every month and the reception dates vary. The art is displayed right in the seating area so you can see art in a casual setting while having a drink of coffee.

McKinley Arts & Culture Center


The McKinley Arts & Culture Center sits right across from the river on Riverside Drive, shaded by large trees. This beautiful building was once a school back in 1909 and is now a focal point for communal art works. The center has two galleries which host art from Nevada, multiple event areas that can be rented out and offices that are available to nonprofit organizations. The spacious rooms can be utilized for all kinds  of events, from  small concerts all the way up to weddings. The center is a touch more formal than the other art spaces for locals in town,  but the building’s architecture is definitely worth it.

Never Ender

Photos by Breanna Denney

Photos by Breanna Denney

Right in the heart of the illustrious Midtown District sits Never Ender, a boutique and gallery for up-and-coming artists and designers. Aimed at helping the community for years now, Never Ender is always working to include art in the Midtown District. Whether you want to pick up some fine clothing or want to support an artist near you, Never Ender will gladly help you accomplish both.

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