Correction: Several details The Nevada Sagebrush printed regarding the Center for Student Engagement remodel were incorrect, including the amount approved for furniture and technology costs, as well as some of the interior design aspects. This piece has been updated to more accurately reflect the details of the remodel. 

By Maddison Cervantes


S.Res. 83 – A Resolution in Support of Naming the ASUN Center for Student Engagement Remodel Space “Pack Place” 

ASUN President Caden Fabbi remarked that it’s been a process to come up with a new name and that he wanted to conceptualize exactly what ASUN wanted the space to be.

The new Center for Student Engagement will serve, according to Fabbi, to give every student on campus a place. ASUN envisions it as a place where any student can come in and feel comfortable and will give students a spot where they can find all the resources they need to become engaged on campus.

The senate discussed new features and additions to the Center for Student Engagement, including cubicles for student workers in the back of Pack Place and easily accessible iPads for all students to use. Fabbi illustrated these additions with a diagram of the future Center for Student Engagement, which is set to begin construction in February. In any case, the name “Pack Place” was the ultimate winner, as it suggested the area will be open to all students.

The motion was passed unanimously.


S.B. 83 – An Act to Pay for the Technology and Furniture for the ASUN Center for Student Engagement Remodel

The senate approved just over $30,000 for the furniture and technology in the remodeled Center for Student Engagement. The expense is a capital expenditure, meaning the money comes from ASUN’s capital account, itself funded by the Nevada Wolf Shop.

That money comes in addition to more than $152,000 in construction costs that ASUN had approved in November of last year.

The motion was passed unanimously.

S.B. 83 – An Act to Allow Sustainable Nevada Initiative Fund Application to Be Opened and Reopened at the Discretion of the Deputy Chief Presidential Aid

Sen. Brandon Boone of the College of Business noted that the application wasn’t open for very long, and the senate wants to give the deputy chief of staff the discretion to open the application process at his will so that they can maximize the amount of candidates.

The motion was passed unanimously.

Maddison Cervantes can be reached at and on Twitter @TheSagebrush. Jacob Solis contributed to this report.