Everyone that I’ve talked to about the 2016 presidential election agrees that Donald Trump is an absolute joke of a candidate. But, somehow, he’s winning.  Trump’s success makes me angry and confused, and the only thing that soothes me is some sweet, sweet satire. “Saturday Night Live” and “Key & Peele” skits are always a laugh, but Funny or Die took it to another level with its new movie, “Donald Trump’s The Art Of The Deal: The Movie.”

This 50-minute online movie pretends to be an adaptation of Trump’s 1987 book, “The Art of the Deal.” The credits read “written, directed and produced by Donald J. Trump,” with an opening title sequence straight out of the 80s. The movie uses a lot of the content from the original book to highlight all of Trump’s least redeeming qualities. I’m not sure how accurate the facts are in the movie, but I don’t care because it’s awesome.

The younger Trump is played by Johnny Depp. You can imagine the amount of makeup it took to pull off that transformation. His performance isn’t Oscar-worthy, but it’s believable enough to get the point across. His characterization of Trump is a greedy, racist, sexist, opportunistic real estate mogul whose only interests are in business deals, hence “the art of the deal.”

“Donald Trump’s The Art Of The Deal: The Movie” was written by Joe Randazzo, a satirist, best known as editor of The Onion and for his work with Adult Swim. It was directed by Jeremy Konner, has an original score by Kenny Loggins and an all-star comedian cast, and it features cameos from Ron Howard and Christopher Lloyd as “Doc Brown,” who arrives at Trump Tower in 1987 from the future where he tries to stop the series of events that leads to Trump becoming president of the United States in 2016.

I think this movie was made mostly for entertainment, but that doesn’t make its message any less important. People often forget the awful things that Trump has said and done in the past. He talks so much that he’s always one-upping himself, and his atrocities get lost in the sea of b.s.

This movie reminds America of the kind of person Trump really is. At one point while he’s getting fitted for a suit the movie version of Trump says, “I don’t judge a person based on the color of their skin or their tendency towards rape or even the color they dye their hair, I mean I judge them based on how they affect property value.” I don’t think this is a direct quote from Trump, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

“The Art Of The Deal: The Movie” probably won’t change the minds of any Trump supporters. I’m quite certain after reading comments on the Internet that their minds can’t be changed. I’m just hoping that this dialogue continues, and Trump continues to say dumb stuff, so we can make fun of him.

Ryan Suppe studies philosophy. He can be reached at alexandraschultz@unr.edu and on Twitter @TheSagebrush.