By Maddison Cervantes


Senate passes resolution in support of tech fee increase

Sen. Mikayla Ragnone of the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology & Natural Resources co-wrote the resolution, originally proposed by Provost Kevin Carman. Ragnone explained the resolution was a response to the Board of Regents, saying that the senate of the Associated Students of the University of Nevada supports the joint proposal between the University of Nevada, Reno, and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The proposal would be going up before the Board of Regents in March, and would raise the student technology fee by $2 per enrolled credit, which would allow both schools to update their technology, expand and improve the Wi-Fi system, and implement a lecture video-recording system.

To further explain, Sen. Brian Huynh of the College of Science, who wrote the resolution with Ragnone, stated that the current student technology fee is at $7 per credit. By increasing it to $9 per credit, that $2 increase would generate approximately $1 million in additional revenue. The average student takes about 15 credits a semester and two semesters in a year. With the fee increase, that would cost an extra $60 a year from each student.

Sen. Huynh also made a point to ask his constituents what they thought of it. Being that many of Huynh’s constituents have classes in the campus’s older buildings where the technology is not as up to date as the rest of UNR, he stated that professors often have difficulties managing it.

Senate votes to censure Sen. Abbie Schepps

Sen. Abbie Schepps of the College of Science was officially censured by the ASUN senate. Schepps addressed the senate on Wednesday with an apology for what she called a lack of commitment to her role this session.

For a senator to be censured, they must accrue a total of seven points. Points are given to a senator when they are absent, unexcused, from senate meetings, committee meetings or office hours. Once censured, a senator needs only four additional points before they are expelled from the senate.

Schepps claimed that she was unaware of her number of acquired points and stated that she recalled missing a meeting due to a mix-up of dates, but as for the other points, she could not recollect the reasons for her absence.

Now that Schepps has been informed of her total number of points, she understands that she has not represented the College of Science correctly. Schepps also stated that she finds it an honor to be a part of the ASUN senate, and she is ashamed that she was unable to meet the entirety of her job requirements.

The motion was carried unanimously.

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