Stock up: Memphis Grizzlies’ lineup

Memphis is sitting in the middle of the playoff picture, as the Grizzlies are the No. 5 seed with its star forward Marc Gasol out for the year. The changes the Grizzlies made to its roster are awful and exciting at the same time. This lineup has to be an all-time great in terms of the amount of pure craziness on one roster.

First is the ruthless defender Tony Allen, who starts plenty of scuffles while screaming “First team defense!” Add Lance Stephenson, the NBA nomad (Memphis is his third team in two years) who is a locker room A-Bomb and likes to blow in LeBron’s ear. Then there’s Zach Randolph, who was a member of the affectionately known “Jail-Blazers” and once punched a player in the jaw while he was a member of the Clippers in 2009. Don’t forget forward Matt Barnes, who was surrounded in controversy when he attacked former New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher, after Fisher was “romancing his wife.” And rounding out the top-5 is Chris “Bird Man” Anderson, who I am convinced is more tattoo than man. Anderson’s tattoo artist estimates that 65 percent of his body is covered in ink.

The Grizzlies are projected to play the Los Angeles Clippers in the first round of the playoffs, and I want the Clippers to sign Derek Fisher as an assistant coach so we can see Barnes fight him during pregame warm ups.

Stock down: Rio de Janerio’s water

Rio hosts the 2016 Summer Olympics this summer, the the condition of the city’s water has taken center stage. With the possibility of Olympic athletes having to swim in actual shit, in comes sports’ SWAT team to expose the depths of the scandal.

On Feb. 17, ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” released its extensive coverage of the water crisis in Rio and how the water is unsuitable for Olympic events. Rio may not have been scared of the Olympic committee, but when ESPN’s Bob Ley and “Outside the Lines” come banging on the door, you have serious issues. OTL has covered stories that resulted in hot takes and heated debates nation wide about sports biggest controversies such as the Louisville basketball sex scandal, which has resulted in a self-imposed postseason ban for 2016, and broke the story of how former USC basketball star O.J. Mayo received improper benefits from a sports agent, which led to an investigation of USC’s athletic program from the NCAA.

You don’t mess with Bob Ley. He has a very particular set of skills, and he will find you and he will kill you. OK, not kill, but he’ll expose you. He’s the Liam Neeson of sports journalism.

Neil Patrick Healy can be reached at and on Twitter @NP_Healy.