Stock down: Stephen Curry

What is the best way to encapsulate Steph Curry’s greatness? He’s the reigning MVP, the defending NBA champion, is widely considered the best shooter basketball has ever seen and is arguably the best player in the league. Some people are saying that he’s like a video game, but those people are wrong. Mike Wang, gameplay director of the wildly popular NBA 2K video game series, admitted on Feb. 24 that Steph Curry’s superhuman play has forced the game’s producers to work on making the game a more accurate depiction of how he plays in real life.

“To be completely honest, we are still looking for ways to better translate his game into NBA 2K,” Wang said. “He’s a ‘rule breaker’ when it comes to jump shooting.”

Steph Curry is shooting a crazy 69 percent from between 28 and 50 feet. So the next time you say, “Steph Curry is a video game,” you are selling him short. 

STOCK down: Sean Miller

The Arizona head basketball coach never ceases to amaze me with how much of a *bleep* he is. The sports world has almost forgotten how Miller was seen cussing out one of his players and calling him a “mother******” earlier this season after the player told him to relax. If you’ve watched Sean Miller coach, you would probably say the same thing. Now Miller has gone after one of the most sacred traditions in college sports: storming the court. Arizona lost to the pitiful Colorado Buffaloes in Boulder, Colorado, on Feb. 24 and naturally, the Buffalo fans stormed the court. Miller took the podium at his postgame press conference and voiced his displeasure about court storming and basically said a player will, someday, punch a fan in self-defense.

Arizona should stop losing to bad teams for starters, but I’ve finally had enough of Sean Miller. Next time he calls one of his players a “mother******” in front of thousands of people and on national TV, his athletic director gets to yell at him for every year he’s never made a Final Four. According to my math, that’s 11 seasons and counting, because he’s never been to a Final Four. As for court storming, beat the teams you’re supposed to, and you won’t have a problem. I also propose that anyone that beats Arizona at home should storm the court just to troll Miller. Let my people storm!

Neil Patrick Healy can be reached at and on Twitter @NP_Healy.