By Marcus Lavergne


EU and Turkey hold talks over refugee crisis

The Turkish government is reportedly asking that the EU double aid to Turkey to more than $6 billion, around 4.6 billion Euros. The request stems from the current refugee crisis afflicting the nation. Syria’s civil war has forced millions of refugees to enter neighboring countries like Turkey, which currently houses more than 2.7 million, according to the BBC.

The EU promised to provide more than $3 billion in aid on Sunday, Nov. 29, 2015, but according to Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, they have yet to deliver on it.

A large number of migrants also pass through the country to find shelter elsewhere, but the EU has asked the country’s leaders to take refugees who do not qualify for asylum back within its border.

The EU has also asked for Turkey to more efficiently patrol its waters. Turkey’s officials are looking for facilitated EU membership as well as sped-up progress of plans that would allow Turks to travel throughout Europe without visas.


US congressman points out Navy SEAL rifle shortage

Monday, March 7, Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., told reporters that SEAL teams are being forced to share rifles. Hunter, a former Marine, told the AP he’s been contacted by several SEALs about the shortage.

“They want their rifles,” Hunter told reporters. “It’s their lifeline, so let them keep their guns until they’re assigned desk jobs at the Pentagon.”

One SEAL who contacted Hunter placed the blame on a “slow, penny-pinching bureaucracy that rarely seeks input from the service members who use the gear.”

The M-4 carbine is the standard combat rifle used by the military branches and costs less than $1,000 when bought in a bulk package, according to Defense Department budget documents. However, Hunter alleges that the problem isn’t a lack of money in the military budget.

According to the AP, U.S. military officials said they were looking into the shortage.


Carson City starts construction on new Downtown Corridor Project

The Carson City Public Works Department broke ground Monday morning on the city’s $10-11 million Downtown Streetscape project.

Officials say the construction will narrow Carson Street, while making more room for pedestrians and bicyclists. The project will also replace old utilities under the road as well as improving its aesthetics and walkability. Officials hope it will promote tourism and help businesses in the area.

Funds for the three-stage project are being raised through Public Works funding and an increased sales tax according to KTNV News. Q&D construction will head the roadwork. Streets and sidewalks along Carson Street won’t be accessible during the process.

Carson City Mayor Bob Crowell hopes the project will be done in time for the Nevada Day parade in October.

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