When I was asked to write an article about spring break, I agreed without hesitation. I mean realistically speaking, who has been on more spring breaks than yours truly?

A well-planned spring break can single-handedly make up a heavy portion of all your college memories. Accordingly, to get in the proper mindset, I cracked open a PBR, opened my iTunes to Luke Bryan’s “Spring Break…Checkin’ Out” and I was instantly overwhelmed with flashbacks from SB2K15. Imagine picking up the multi-bedroom mansions located at 1075 Ralston, 835 Evans and everything in between that .08 mile radius and placing it on a beachfront property in San Diego. This is a picture of what happened last year.

The University of Nevada quite literally took over the 858 and I think any one of the 500 Nevada students who encountered me during this whirlwind of a vacation would agree when I say that it was the best week of my life.

It doesn’t take a mechanical engineering major to figure out spring break is one of the most unrivaled benefits of going to college, but it comes down to the simple fact that we get to make all the same irresponsible mistakes, only in a more tropical location. When everybody is so intoxicated, it makes for the perfect excuse to tell your crush (or entire sorority) how much you love them. There really is no more of a romantic location than midday on the beach with a light ocean breeze wisping through her hair.

The Adderall binge you went on for midterms helped you lose those final pounds for a more ideal spring break bod. But you already felt confident because the guy you sent your bikini snaps to asking for “help” in choosing which day you were going to wear each one confirmed your desirable appearance. Whether you’re going to Huntington or Cabo this year, you have no responsibilities to act as a speed bump in your week-long black-out.

Say goodbye to the stress of deadlines and the panic attacks of waking up five minutes before class. Shoot, you won’t even need to look at a clock because time becomes so irrelevant. The only thing you need to be concerned with is whether the sun is up or down so that you don’t become Sebastian from the Little Mermaid. Getting a little burn is fine, and it even gives you that “I enjoy life more than you” look.   

Let’s not forget you’re one school among many on spring break. In no other place does it become chill for random guys to be hitting on your school’s group of cutest girls, because you’re doing the same to their Tier 1 hotties. It’s kind of like a bro code exchange system.

If your wallet is feeling light these days, or you’re not into massive rage fests in a beach locale, I still encourage you to take advantage of the one week a year that you and all your friends have off at the same time. Even if you simply pile into a car, drive out to Black Rock Desert and forge your own version of Burning Man, just DO SOMETHING. Because once college ends, to round up a group of people you are so close to and leave town becomes extremely difficult. After college comes life. And with life comes a real job and responsibilities. And for most of us that means getting married and also having kids.

In contrast to years past, this spring break I’ll be in Lake Tahoe at church camp with InterVarsity, but my excuse is that I’ve been in college so long that I could have graduated twice. And that equals a lot of spring breaks. So while I’m getting in touch with my inner Jesus Christ next week, I hope you’ll be out there somewhere making poor decisions and building even richer memories.

Brian Kehoe studies journalism. He can be reached at alexandraschultz@unr.edu and on Twitter @TheSagebrush.