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Aaron Sion Guitar Player & Vocalist


Local band Crush recently had one of its songs, “Funky Good,” put into syndication on a local radio station. The band has been together for a number of years and is beginning to encounter some success. We decided to ask the members some questions in regard to the band’s interesting sound and recent come-ups.

How did you all meet? And how long have you known each other?

We met in Jazz band at Wooster High School between the years of 2003 and 2009.

What kind of bonds have you all formed with each other throughout the band’s existence?

Every kind you can imagine, including some semi-sexual.

What has the syndication of “Funky Good” done for the band?

It’s certainly been exciting, motivating and made the world of radio accessible and real to us.

What are the band’s feelings toward “Thrift Rock,”

Daniel Sion Bass Player

Daniel Sion
Bass Player

considering it has garnered so much attention?

We look forward to spreading it to a worldwide market.

Explain what the genre “thrift rock” is.

We wanted it to feel like a random cassette tape you picked off a shelf that actually turned out to be pretty f*cking dope and you rock it in your POS automobile.

Where do the main influences of the band lie? In other words, what are your favorite bands or musicians?

Beatles, Mac Demarco, Green Day, Lana Del Rey.

How has the setting of Reno affected the band?

Reno’s given us the chance to gig literally 24/7 and learn how to connect with people, and being an art-centric town it is a good place to be inspired. It’s pretty hip, but not in a Portland way, thank god.

Jimmy Dunn Drummer

Jimmy Dunn

What do you all do on the side, besides playing music?

We like to edit video, slam down on the basketball courts, spiritually cleanse ourselves in the Truckee River and Lake Tahoe, and kick it with our dogs (canines and otherwise.)

So you have been touring and recording for around 10 years. what has the band learned in all those years?

If you want to pursue entertainment as a career, get ready to sacrifice everything that’s ever meant anything to you, except for the art itself.

How often does the band play?

Always. Three to four times a week for paid gigs.

Where is your favorite place to play? Why?

Anywhere there’s a young engaged audience. Holland Project, Potentialist Workshop and any of the cool art initiatives here. Also historical venues like the Red Dog Saloon.

Are there any plans to play outside of the country?

Yes, in 2017.

What’s next for CRUSH?

We’re working on landing some placements on TV for our song “Higher” as well as releasing new music videos and kinds of content you’ve never seen before (stay tuned at

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