Polish women protest over abortion rights

Women in Poland took to the streets Monday, Oct. 3, to protest a legislative proposal to completely ban abortions in the country. The protesters called it “Black Monday” as they wore all black and waved black flags as a symbol of mourning what could be their lost right.

Women missed classes and jobs or left their domestic responsibilities in order to partake in the protest. Men also participated in the protest.

Some women who couldn’t leave work showed up dressed in black. Other businesses closed their doors for the day in observance of the protest.

Poland is a conservative, Catholic nation and already has some of the strictest abortion laws in Europe. There is little support behind the newer, even stricter law that could be implemented.

If passed, women seeking abortions could serve up to five years in prison, even under circumstances of rape and loss of life.

The legislation was supported by an initiative with 450,000 signatures from the country’s citizens and is backed by the church. There are 38 million citizens in Poland.

People in other European countries also protested in their towns to show support for the women in Poland.


Superhero funeral planned for student in South Carolina

A superhero-themed funeral for a 6-year-old boy will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 5, in South Carolina.

Jacob Hall died Saturday after being shot at his elementary school Wednesday, Sept. 28.

Hall’s uncle told WHNS-TV that Jacob will be buried as his favorite superhero, Batman. The family will be dressed up as other superheroes, and guests are encouraged to do the same.

“I don’t want suits and ties and all that,” Renae Hall, Jacob’s mother, told WHNS-TV. “There will be a lot of children there, and I don’t want it to be scary for them.”

A GoFundMe page has raised more than $126,500 for the family after the shooting.

Jacob, another student and their teacher were shot while leaving their classroom for recess. The teacher and other student were treated for their injuries and released from the hospital shortly after.


Casino employee dies after robbery

An employee at the Eldorado, a Reno casino and hotel, died Saturday, Oct. 2, after being attacked by a robber trying to escape Friday.

The robber has been identified as 63-year-old Frederick Douglas Borden. He was gambling at the casino and committed the robbery. He then struck the employee as he fled the area. He was apprehended by police Saturday afternoon.

The employee was brought to Renown after collapsing on the floor during the attack. The employee has not been identified.

It is unclear exactly what caused the employee’s death. An official autopsy will determine what Borden is charged with.