Senate Business

WTF Nevada abolished

In the 84th session of the Associated Students of the University of Nevada, the senators held another discussion about the What to Fix Nevada program, which has been in flux since the end of the 83rd session. In a meeting last month, Sen. Luis Barragan began the discussion of rebranding the program.

Barragan began the WTF Nevada conversation with a straw poll on changing the name of the program to “Student Voice,” a name previously proposed by Speaker Pro-Temp Hannah Jackson, or to “Pack Insight.” After a lengthy conversation on why the name of the program needed to be changed, Speaker Noah Teixeira and several other senators concluded that WTF Nevada needs to be given a whole new “name” and “face.”

“I think we really have to figure out what the problem is. Is it the name or the branding? Is it the campaign itself and how we’re reaching out to students?” Jackson said. “There are a lot of problems and I think we have to define what the real problem is before we start fixing anything.”

Teixeira concluded the conversation by proposing to abolish WTF Nevada completely and create a new program with a Speaker’s task force. Teixeira said he would have the new program up and running in two weeks.


College of Engineering senate seat filled

In an appointment for the senate seat for the College of Engineering, Trae Taylor, a transfer student from a community college in Las Vegas, was selected to serve ASUN as the college’s senator.

After graduating from community college, Taylor worked as a banker where he said he learned to utilize teamwork to reach a common goal. In his speech, Taylor outlined what his goals as a senator would be. He said networking is an important part of engineering and he wants to connect his constituents with future employees. Taylor also said he wants students to have the opportunity to have a professional mentor as he did in his early education. Taylor had a mentor while he was studying at his previous community college, who worked for NASA. Taylor said he wants other students to experience the great benefits he has received from having a great mentor.

With no negative comments on the candidate, the senate moved into a roll-call vote where Taylor was approved for the position unanimously.

With his banking experience, Taylor was placed on the Committee on Budget and Finance, the Committee on Government Operations and the Committee on University Affairs.

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