French officials close Calais migrant camp

The French government closed a migrant camp known as the “Jungle” in Calais, France, on Monday, Oct. 24, despite calls to delay the action by humanitarian groups.

Most migrants housed at the camp were from war-torn countries and were seeking asylum in Europe. The camp has been growing for over a year and contained nearly 10,000 people at one point. When authorities cleared the camp Monday, 8,000 people were recorded living there.

“The immense majority of migrants present at Calais are eligible for international protection,” said the Interior Ministry in a statement, as reported by The New York Times.

French officials began to tear down what remained of the camp on Tuesday. There were shacks, tents and piles of garbage in the 1.5 square miles of the camp that festered there for over a year.

The camp has been largely ignored by the French government until now. It is considered a humanitarian failure by the people at the camp and the humanitarian groups that support it.

Buses will continue to take campers to designated areas throughout the country during the week so they can disperse evenly.


Bus crash leaves 13 dead on California highway

A tour bus crashed into the back of a semi-truck near Los Angeles Sunday, Oct 23. The incident killed 13 people and left 31 more injured.

The bus driver was killed on impact, but the truck driver left the scene with minor injuries.

The cause of the accident is unclear. The bus was last inspected in April and there were no mechanical failures reported.

Traffic was slow due to construction on Interstate 10 when the crash occurred. Witnesses said the bus was going considerably faster than the truck.

Authorities told the Associated Press the bus plowed about 15 feet into the semi-truck, demolishing the front end of the bus. Emergency responders had to climb ladders to remove people from the bus.


Teen dies after downtown shooting

Three teenagers were shot in the early morning of Sunday, Oct. 23, in downtown Reno. The 17-year-old girl died later that day from her injuries.

Reno police officers heard gunshots around 1 a.m. and found the teenage girl and one boy shot on the street. They were rushed to the hospital. The boy went into surgery upon arriving and is expected to live.

The second teenage boy went to the hospital himself later that day and was released after receiving treatment for minor injuries sustained during the shooting.

The Reno Police Department suspect the shooting was gang-related and are investigating further.