The University of Nevada, Reno, is introducing a new Wi-Fi network for students, faculty and staff on Wednesday, Dec. 28. After that, UNR-WPA will no longer be available.

The new network is called eduroam. UNR is making the switch because it is better for mobility and more secure in a simple format, according to Tina Hill, associate director of User Services at UNR.

“It’s a system we began offering to our faculty and visiting scholars in fall 2015 that has been very successful and well-received,” Hill said. “We’re continuing to simplify our network environment; having one less wireless network in our environment reduces traffic and congestion and improves performance for everyone.”

Eduroam is a global Wi-Fi network for academic institutions. Students who use it can log on using their UNR Net ID at any institution that uses eduroam. Universities that use this Wi-Fi network include the California state schools, UC schools, Stanford University, University of Washington and other schools across the country.

This will make it easier for clubs, organizations, sports teams and researchers that travel from UNR to other universities.

UNR-WPA will disappear from the list of wireless networks available on campus on Wednesday, Dec. 28.

“To prevent delays in wireless access, people should switch to eduroam now,” Hill said. “People coming back after Dec. 28 will not be able to connect to UNR-WPA, so they’ll need to remove/forget that wireless connection on their mobile device and connect to eduroam.”

Students at UNR are looking forward to the new Wi-Fi network and the extra things it offers that UNR-WPA does not.

“I am excited to start using the new Wi-Fi and even more excited that I can easily access Wi-Fi when I go visit my friends at other schools,” said UNR student Jean-Yves Diei.

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