Several derogatory and racially insensitive tweets from Speaker of the Associated Students of the University of Nevada Noah Teixeira surfaced Thursday, Feb. 9. Teixeira just recently launched a campaign to be ASUN President with ASUN Chief of Staff Sebastian Atienza running alongside him for vice president.

Teixeira’s tweets from 2013 and 2014 included the words n—r and f—-t and have been circling Twitter since Thursday afternoon.

Screenshot via Twitter

Screenshot via Twitter

“Last year at this time I was running into meadow wood yelling “n—-r Friday yeah I’m a bad person…” Teixeira tweeted.

Screenshot via Twitter

Screenshot via Twitter

Teixeira released a statement late Thursday in response to the tweets, apologizing and calling the language immature, sickening and embarrassing.

“Growing up in a small town I never had the opportunity to learn and understand diversity the way others did,” Teixeira said. “As I have learned from my experience at an institution of higher education, a person is a product of their surroundings. I said and tweeted things without thinking, and felt social pressures to talk and act a certain way.”

Teixeira went to high school in Carson City, Nevada.

There have been some calls from students on Twitter for Teixeira to withdraw from the presidential race. He did not address any plans to withdraw in his statement.

Teixeira said he has changed since the beginning of college and would never dream to say the things he formally tweeted online nor in person.

On Twitter students are spreading the insensitive tweets and are using the #NEVERNOAH as a call to reject Teixeira as a candidate.

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