Students comment on Speaker’s tweets

The Senate of the Associated Students of the University of Nevada had expectations that a large amount of students would come to the public comment section of the senate meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 15, to voice their concerns about tweets sent out by Speaker of the Senate Noah Teixeira. However, only three students stood up to speak to the senate body.

Wednesday’s public comment section began with the reading of a letter from former ASUN President, Caden Fabbi. Fabbi’s letter was in support of Teixeira and praised him for his apology about the tweets. Fabbi also addressed the people, “hurtling insults at Noah,” by saying their opinions of him are misguided and Teixeira is a caring person with everyone’s interests at heart.

“While there is no question in my mind that this is a calculated attack by a political opponent, it does not excuse the things that [Teixeira] said,” Fabbi said.

At the end of the meeting, Parliamentarian Alex Crupi spoke up in the public comment section to say that the surfacing of the tweets was not an attack on Teixeira by his campaign.

“In former President Fabbi’s letter, one of the remarks was, “a calculated attack by a political opponent.” Seeing as I am Noah’s only political opponent, I just want to put on record that it is not in any way, shape or form, a political attack, personal attack, or any direct hit put out by myself or my campaign,” Crupi said.

Teixeira responded to Crupi’s comment by explaining that there were several things in Fabbi’s letter that he did not agree with, one of them being the comment that the resurfacing of the tweets was “a calculated attack by a political opponent.”

Other public commenters were Jack Olender and Conner Mathews, who both spoke up in support of Teixeira.

The only public comment in opposition to Teixeira came from Emmanuela Gore, a student in the College of Liberal Arts.

“Why do you continue to feel that you are qualified to represent the student body as our potential president, despite the backlash that you have heard from such a large body of students?” Gore said. “Do you think that this rhetoric of victimization undermines the emotions and experiences of people that your words affect?”

Gore also said that by continuing his campaign, Teixeira is showing disregard for the students who feel he does not represent them.


Student Nominated to Associate Justice

After the public comments and ASUN officer reports, the senators heard from Cameron Mixon, a student nominated to be an Associate Justice.

In his speech, Mixon discussed his desire to be of service to the students at UNR and his plans for the future of the judicial branch of ASUN.

The senate expressed their approval of Mixon before unanimously voting “yes” to him becoming an Associate Justice.