There’s no reason drinking, eating food and being entertained should be limited to the weekend. We all live stressful lives, and we deserve to let loose when the work day is over. The gang in How I Met Your Mother seems to go to the bar every single day, and they still have steady jobs and can afford to pay for beer every night while living in New York City. Why can’t that be us? I think if we all spent the evening at MacLaren’s Pub after school or work every day we would all sleep better at night and hate each other less the next day. In that spirit I’ve compiled a list of my favorite bar spots for each day of the week.

While Barney Stinson’s perfect week involves making love to a different woman each night, my perfect week involves different bars each night with great drinks, food and music Monday to Sunday. If I could afford to live like Ted, Robin, Barney, Lily and Marshall this would be my perfect week every week. If you have similar feelings, please consult the following list of my favorite daily specials as a guide.

Monday – Shenanigan’s

Shenanigan’s is an Irish Pub located in the Save Mart shopping center on Plumb Ln. and S. Virginia. It sounds like a total dive, and that’s because it is. A bartender there once told me Shenanigan’s is all about “good food, good drinks and shitty service.”

The bar is small and fairly quiet. It’s a tame place to start your perfect week with happy hour from 4-6pm. Shenanigan’s is notoriously a cop bar, so if you do manage to get drunk off Irish car bombs during the two-hour happy hour, make sure you have a designated driver.

Tuesday – 3rd Street Bar

Tuesday is big band night at 3rd Street Bar featuring DG Kicks, Reno’s finest jazz musicians. Old dudes shred on their trombones, tubas and trumpets while couples dance like seasoned professionals. It’s a scene right out of La La Land. While 3rd Street is no Seb’s, you still can’t have a perfect week without jazz that’s very, very exciting.

Wednesday – The Saint

Obviously, the best cure for a jazz and beer hangover from your Tuesday is some sweet blues and more beer. The Saint is one of Midtown’s newest and cleanest bars (with fantastic bathrooms), and it’s the newest addition to the St. James midtown bar/restaurant dynasty. Every Wednesday is blues night from 8-10pm. There’s no cover charge, and they proudly serve 24 beers on tap.

Thursday – Midtown Wine Bar

Midtown Wine Bar is nestled inconspicuously in a shopping center full of gymnasiums, boutiques and hair salons off S. Virginia. The bar has special events on multiple days every week, but “Thirsty Thursdays with DJ Trivia” is the best. Participants form teams and choose names like “The Trebek’s” and “Menace 2 Sobriety” before battling for the ultimate prize: a $35 bar tab.

It’s mostly frequented by regulars, but the handsome, young bartenders make newcomers feel welcome. And if the hunky bartenders give you an appetite, you can order food from the neighboring restaurants (I recommend the supreme nachos from Si Amigos) which will be delivered right to your bar stool.

Friday – Pub N Sub

If I could go to Pub N Sub every night of the week I would (and sometimes I do). Their pizzas usually range from $20-$30, but on Fridays from 6-11pm they’re half-off plus $1. Pub N Sub only serves beer and wine – no liquor – so you’re less likely to encounter any crazy drunk fights or shootings like you would at the Rack or 1Up on a Friday night. While 1Up can have its perks when Sloves is playing, your favorite neighborhood bar, Pub N Sub, is consistently average to above average with solid food and ample seating indoors and outdoors. The backyard is a casual drinker’s paradise complete with picnic tables, a fire pit and stray cats.

Saturday – Ceol

Ceol (Gaelic for “music”) is on S. Virginia next to Truckee Bagel and across from the Wild Orchid. On Saturdays they host bands who play live Irish music starting at 9pm with no cover. Irish music might not be your thing, but maybe one of their 75 choices of whiskey is. And if it turns out you don’t like Irish music or whiskey they have free Wi-Fi.

Sunday – Chili’s

Sunday at Chili’s is a beautiful experience. Brunch at Daughter’s is great, but at the end of the week who can afford a $25 egg in a hole? Chili’s Sunday happy hour is 10am-10pm. No, that’s not a typo. Their happy hour is literally all day. You could do homework on Sunday, or you could go to church, or you could spend 12 hours at Chili’s. I choose the latter because a 2-for-20 with double fries, a margarita and a lava cake for dessert is the perfect way to end a perfect week and/or start a new one.