SBSo you’ve been seeing all your friends on social media posting about going to Cabo or Daytona Beach for spring break, and you just spent the rest of your paycheck on cliff bars, blue books and Fireball. What are you to do? If you’re like me, this semester has been testing your last nerve and you need to do something fun over spring break to blow off steam. Lucky for you, I have collected some stellar spring break ideas for the UNR student on a budget.


If you are a devoted skier or snowboarder, or want to try it for the first time but can’t afford the prices at places like Mount Rose or Northstar, then go to Boreal. Boreal features $15 lift tickets on Fridays for college students, which is unheard of in the skiing world. It has runs for both beginners and advanced skiers or boarders with a lot of cool jumps and rails. Plan a trip with your friends and hit the slopes.


Say what you want about Reno, it is adjacent to some really cool places. Grab your best friend and just start driving. All you need is some snacks (maybe some corn chips and beef jerky), a killer road trip playlist on Spotify (my personal preferences include Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen), and an open mind. Pick a direction and go for it. As you cruise the desert, appreciate the grandeur of the untamed American west. Wherever you end up, do something fun, like going hiking in Bishop, having a picnic in the middle of the black rock desert or buying a souvenir from a brothel.


Need a romantic getaway, but can’t afford to take your significant other to Paris? Take him or her to the snowcapped solace of South Lake Tahoe and fall in love all over again. Stay the night in a cozy Airbnb and spend the day visiting a park, skipping stones on the crystal-clear water or perusing kitschy shops. Great shopping locations include Chateau at the Village, the Crossing and Heavenly Village. Even if you can’t actually buy anything, it’s still a blast to window shop. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, since the snow doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, you can partake in snowshoeing, ice skating sledding or take a sleigh ride. As you soar over the lake in the Heavenly Gondola, make sure to steal a smooch.


Have you watched “The Night Of” yet? I know you haven’t. Pick a day during spring break, call out of work, shut the blinds and catch up on streaming all the best shows out there. Bonus points if you don’t shower, stay in your pajamas all day and only get out of bed for snacks. We are in the golden age of TV, so if you haven’t seen them already, I suggest “Game of Thrones,” “Atlanta,” “Fargo,” “Stranger Things,” “Silicon Valley,” “Mr. Robot,” “Westworld,” “O.J.: Made in America” or “House of Cards,” for starters. Finally, you will be able to understand all of those topical pop culture references your friends keep making. Plus, it’s free, as long as you have the subscriptions from your parents (or your ex-boyfriend forgot to change his password). The other option, of course, is you can rent a bunch of guilty pleasure movies from Redbox and go to town. Somehow, when it comes to renting DVDs, the worse the movie is the more enjoyable the viewing experience.


If you are looking to sweat out your bad energy, head over to one of the many hot springs in Nevada and northern California. Near to Reno, there is Steamboat Hot Springs on South Virginia. This is nice because it’s so convenient. Also, they have great health and spa options, including massages and facials, which will lead you to true enlightenment. If you want to get more in tune with nature, check out the Sierra Hot Springs in Sierraville, California. Although it is roughly an hour drive, it is totally worth it. A three-hour soak only costs $15. If you need some time for quiet contemplation, I recommend the Meditation Pool.


If you don’t feel up to driving to the Golden City, there are a lot of affordable ticket options for trains or buses. Once you are there, indulge yourself in all of the shameless tourist activities like the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz, Union Square and Chinatown. Immerse yourself in the omnipresent art and culture throughout the city. Eat some of the best sushi on Earth. Rent a longboard or bike and ride down the endless roads. As the wind blows through your hair, imagine a world without midterms or essays or group projects in which you can actually afford to live in a place like San Francisco.


Why leave when you can fulfill your spring break hopes and wishes in the world’s biggest little city? If you are single and on the path to self-love, take a night out and treat yo self. Go see a movie by yourself, then try one of our town’s fine dining options like Campo. If school has especially gotten you down in the dumps, go all out and order yourself a hotel room. A night away from home can do wonders. Places like the GSR, the Silver Legacy, the Eldorado, the Atlantis and Circus Circus are a lot of fun and only cost around $60 a night. Order some room service and pay-per-view and enjoy yourself. If you are not a big gambler, most of these resorts have great amenities like live entertainment. Treat yo self, you deserve it.

So instead of spending too much money to get sunburnt, alcohol poisoning and sand in your socks, why not keep it local this year for spring break? You can still have fun experiences without breaking the bank. Even if all spring break means is that you can walk around your apartment without any clothes on because all your roommates are gone, please take this time to unwind and de-stress so you are able to keep your wits about you in the final stretch of the semester.