College of Education senator appointed

Dustin Tool was appointed to the empty senate seat from the College of Education. He received the next largest amount of votes in the March elections and took the vacant seat left after Sen. Hannah Jackson was elected Speaker of the Senate.


Remaining committee chair positions filled

Sen. Derek Bussman from the College of Liberal Arts nominated Tool, and Sen. Sarah Smith from the College of Liberal Arts nominated Sen. Cammie Lee from the Interdisciplinary Program for the Academics Committee Chair. The senate decided to predetermine the questions they were going to ask the candidates in order to save time. Then the senators gave their speech about what they would do as chair and answered the senate’s questions. The senate confirmed Lee as the Academic Committee Chair.

Sen. Ryan Becker from the College of Health Sciences was nominated for the Public Affairs Committee Chair. He ran uncontested and was approved by the senate.


President, Vice President present first report

ASUN President Noah Teixeira presented his first report of the session to the senate. He informed them that he has hired his Chief of Staff and Director of Programming. He said he is also getting ready for orientation and the Getting Involved workshop hosted by ASUN. He is preparing the final details of his budget and will present it to the Committee of Budget and Finance.

Vice President Sebastian Atienza also presented his first report to the senate. He will be meeting with the Student Fee Governing Board to discuss how much of student money will be going towards ASUN. He is also planning the Pack Internship Grant Program Reception where awards and presentations will be given to the students who participate in the program. He encouraged the senators to come up with ideas of things for ASUN to give incoming students at orientation.

Senators report meetings with programs, services

Senators were assigned to meet with different programs and services on campus. At least four senators will report their findings and takeaways at the every senate meeting until all senators have given their report.

Bussman met with the Career Studio to learn about what they do. They have a new program called Handshake that he compares to GivePulse but for career and internship sources. Sen. Connor Billman from the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources met with the Center of Student Engagement Director Sandra Rodriguez to discuss what services the CSE provides and civic engagement on campus. Sen. Zach Mah from the College of Business met with the @One and they came to the conclusion that there needs to be more communication between them and ASUN Sound and Lights. Sen. Narinder Mall from the College of Engineering met with UNR Vice President Shannon Ellis and reported that the new student living dorms will be built specifically for STEM majors.

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