President Hohnson addresses senate

Marc Johnson addressed the senate for the first time since the convening of the 85th session. He told them that this would be the tenth student senate he has worked with since he came to the university. He described the relationship between him and ASUN, including financing and planning amenities to the university such as the E.L. Wiegand Fitness Center.

“What you all do here is really fundamental to the welfare of the campus now and for many years to come,” Johnson said to the senate. “We will be calling on you to make some really significant decisions.”


Associate Justice hands in letter of resignation

Associate Justice Tharanpreet Chahal sent her letter of resignation to the senate. Chahal is resigning because she is graduating at the end of the spring semester.


JCSU could possibly expand

President Noah Teixeira gave his report to the senate, stating that he is working with Chuck Price, director of the Joe Crowley Student Union, to get feedback on whether students want to see an expansion of the JCSU, and if so, what they would like to see and when. President Teixeira also said that he is going to create a Health and Wellness position with the help of Vice President Sebastian Atienza. He will be presenting his budget to the Budget and Finance committee this week.


Chief of Staff, Director of Programming hired

Carissa Bradley was nominated by President Teixeira for the Office of Chief Presidential Aide. President Teixeira explained that he nominated Bradley because she was one of the best senators of the 84th session and the most qualified person for this position. Bradley, a sophomore studying environmental science, was an intern and the committee chair of university affairs within ASUN. She wants to create a no plastic on campus initiative to increase sustainability. She described It’s On Us as her “baby” and said she would like to expand it to include sexual health. She also worked on the Pack Fit campaign when it launched. She wants to create more mental, environmental and sexual health initiatives. She would like to see a Women in Leadership campaign next semester hoping to help women seek leadership positions in clubs, organizations and ASUN. Her nomination was confirmed by unanimous vote of the senate.

Mia Kinel was nominated by President Teixeira for the Office of Director of Event Programming. Teixeira said he nominated her because she is a perfectionist and all of her events have been successful. Kinel will be a senior and is studying public health. One of her goals is to consider suggestions for programming from students outside of ASUN. She also wants to train people in clubs and organizations on how to plan events. She wants to create events students want that haven’t been done before beyond concerts to include speakers and poetry nights. She wants these new events to happen again in future years. She was confirmed by a unanimous vote.

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