Peter Cvjetanovic, the University of Nevada, Reno, student who was identified as a protestor at the Unite the Right white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, has resigned from his position at the university.

Multiple university officials have confirmed his resignation to The Nevada Sagebrush. Cvjetanovic confirmed his resignation to the Reno Gazette-Journal.

Cvjetanovic was hired to work for Campus Escort but had not started nor gone through training when he resigned. Students were not comfortable working with him and staff at the Center for Student Engagement, where Campus Escort is located, strongly encouraged him to resign, according to the RGJ.

The university community protested after Cvjetanovic’s participation in the protest on the University of Virginia campus made national news and President Marc Johnson’s statement was deemed too soft.

ASUN President Noah Teixeira said the safety of students is the biggest concern for the university.

“I think the university is going to try to move forward with trying to make sure that something like this, something like hate speech, isn’t happening on our campus,” said Teixeira. “This isn’t an isolated incident, it just so happened that a spotlight was put on him and now he is now shown things are happening on campus and people are focusing on it.”

The ASUN Senate is bringing legislation to the table on Wednesday, Aug. 30, pertaining to hate crimes and safety on campus based on what they heard at last week’s meeting, where more than 50 students spoke in front of the senate about their feelings. Teixeira expects this legislation to pass.

Teixeira also wants to implement a way to document hate crimes at the university and provide training on how to stop them. He said there will be an open forum with himself and President Johnson so the students can express how they feel and what they want to change.

Cvjetanovic will still be able to apply for jobs at the university, however, Teixeira says he will not hire him to be a part of ASUN. He also believes his actions will bar him from being employed at the Center for Student Engagement ever again.

“I think that you can’t have him working [at Campus Escort] because it literally destroys the program,” said Teixeira. “Students are supposed to be safe getting into vans and if you have someone that perpetuates hate speech, then you kind of make the program unable to achieve what it’s supposed to.”

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