The University of Nevada, Reno — Washoe County’s second largest employer behind the Washoe County School District — will undergo a hiring delay as a part of a change in the way it hires on its employees. The delay is projected to last about a month beginning Friday, Sept. 1. During that time, any open positions on campus, including student positions, can’t be filled until early October.

The delay, also referred to as the “cutover plan,” is being caused as the university shuts down their current work systems in order to switch over to a new program called Workday.

“What we’re doing is shutting down our existing systems, and as part of that we need to move our data from what we call our Legacy systems that we’ve had for the past 20 years into the new system,” said Tim McFarling, Associate Vice President for Human Resources at the university and Committee Chair for the campus project team of Workday. “When we do that there’s a need to review the data and verify it before it goes into the system to make sure that it’s as accurate as it can be.”

Through the new system, the university staff will gain access to various employment tools both on their computer and mobile devices. Features such as timesheets, travel requisitions and pay stubs will be available on Workday.

“It will greatly streamline our work processes,” McFarling said. “Currently we spend a lot of time with paper copies, carrying paper around campus, shipping it from one office to the other, and this [Workday] will enable us to do those same business functions online and we’ll be able to track where that transaction is online.”

Because the hiring delay will last about a month, administrative faculty, classified staff and a small portion of students will be affected. Thus, if University departments want to hire new employees, they will need to do so in the remaining few days before the freeze.

“We just need to have the paperwork to Human Resources by Sept. 1 so that we can get that into the current system,” McFarling said. “By Sept. 6 there’s going to be a clone of that data that will move to the new system.”

In a statement released by President Marc Johnson, the Workday system will not only be implemented at UNR, but it is an initiative that is NSHE wide.

“The Workday implementation in October will bring significant changes to our Finance and Human Resource processes,” Johnson said. “Workday is an integrated system that will modernize the way we manage these processes.”

As the university transitions from the Human Resource Management, Advantage, and iLeave systems, Workday is preparing for a “go-live” event on Oct. 2.

“The cutover plan or the hiring delay is really one small piece of a much larger 40 million dollar system that the Nevada System of Higher Education is implementing,” said McFarling.

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