President Johnson speaks to senate

President Marc Johnson welcomed the senate at the beginning of the new semester and announced a few things happening on campus. He announced the construction on campus around Great Basin Hall and the Fine Arts Building will be finished starting Fall 2018. He also announced that the 4 percent increase in student fees this year will continue to go towards hiring new faculty and funding undergraduate research, as they have done for the last two years and will do so again next year.

President Johnson also addressed the events of Charlottesville and the question of diversity on campus. He said the university is trying to hire more diverse faculty members and is working on developing a diversity training.

Vice President of Student Services, Shannon Ellis, is working on an 800 phone number where students can call to report hate speech or other hateful activities. Ellis said it should be working soon. President Johnson encouraged students to contact the Title IX office or Police Services if they feel they are being targeted.

Sandra Rodriguez, Director of the ASUN Center for Student Engagement also spoke to the senate and encouraged them to make the change they wanted at the university and not to rely on the administration.


Senate passes Charlottesville resolution, sends to administration

A week after a special senate meeting was held for students to share their reactions to Charlottesville, the senate passed a resolution in response, which will be sent to university administration for viewing.

The resolution gives quantitative and qualitative data about who spoke and what was mentioned during the public comment section of the meeting. More than 50 students spoke on topics such as hate speech, the need for diversity programs and the university’s response to Peter Cvjetanovic participating at the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville.

The resolution will be sent to President Johnson and Shannon Ellis so they have a record of what students want from the university.

Speaker Hannah Jackson said the resolution was only the beginning of what the senate hopes to do. She said it was a formal documentation of a call to action and wanted everyone to know what the students thought.


Raquall approved as club commissioner

ASUN Director of Clubs and Organizations, Jared Desamero, nominated Keenan Raquell to the position of club commissioner of the sports and recreation coalition. His nomination was approved by the senate. The position was vacated last week by Andrew John Legaspi Cruz, who had to resign from his position for health reasons.

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