Chief Adam Garcia from University Police Services stopped by Senate this week to talk about safety on campus and changes occurring after an officer was caught on body camera joking about shooting a black student during a traffic stop “if things go sideways”.

He said since the incident, the officer has been put on leave while the department does an internal investigation. He is now requiring officers wear their body cameras at all times. It has previously been optional.

Garcia said the officer’s actions have no place in the department and he does not represent what Police Services stands for. He said he was “angry and disappointed” when he saw the body camera footage, and he will hold people accountable.

In addition to discussing the incident, Garcia talked about safety on campus. He called UNR an “island of safety” compared to the areas surrounding the university. He said the biggest threat students face on campus is theft. He encourages students to not leave laptops or personal items unattended and to lock up bikes in stands.

The second threat to safety was transportation—driving, walking and riding to and from campus—and they were going to continue to enforce and educate on the university’s policies.

Garcia said they are working to hire more diverse police officers because he wants the department to look like the community they serve. He also said the department is almost 50 percent female.



Vice President Sebastian Atienza said in his report that he is working with Counseling Services to hire more licensed therapists. Currently, there are 13 licensed therapists serving 21,000 students at the university. Atienza said that they are working to hire at least eight more.



Brennan Sullivan, senator for the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources, resigned this week.

“I do not believe that I may serve my constituents nor the university to the extend that they deserve,” Sullivan wrote in his resignation letter. “Many of you have the passion and capacity to do a great service to this campus, and I have the utmost faith in your ability to elect another senator whose qualities parallel your own to fill my vacancy.”

The application to fill the senator position for the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources is available now and will remain open for the next two weeks.