University seeks to increase number of international students

Provost Kevin Carman presented to the Senate on a program that would help bring more international students to the university. INTO, a pathway provider for international students to universities in America, would increase the number of international students on campus should the university decide to work with them. Carman said that universities similar to UNR and universities UNR models after have found great success using INTO. UNR is one of the lowest ranked universities—with 1.8 percent of the undergraduate student population being international students.

Carman expects around 900 students to attend UNR in the first six years of the program, and then increase from there. Money made from the tuitions of the increased number of international students would go toward university initiatives, such as hiring more faculty, scholarships for UNR students looking to study abroad and diversity initiatives.

He hopes the program will start its inaugural year in Fall 2018.

Bussman introduces New Innovations @ Nevada

Senator Derek Bussman from the College of Liberal Arts introduced a new program called New Innovations @ Nevada. He said he hoped the program would capture the creative potential UNR students have. The program would be a competition in different areas of research and innovation—diversity, campus life, health, etc.

Bussman based the program after one at University of California, Berkeley, which has been a huge success on that campus — both for students and in recognition for the university.

He said he was trying to find sponsors for the program so money for the teams that compete wouldn’t come from the ASUN budget. The prize money amount would depend on how many sponsors the program could get.

New Innovations @ Nevada is still in the works, but Bussman hopes to pilot the program in fall 2018.

Undergraduate Research Journal looks to publish students

Larissa Gloutak and Tanner Lyon, senior editors of the Nevada State Undergraduate Research Journal, asked the Senate to reach out to their constituents to ask them to submit research to be published in the journal. The research cannot be published in any other research journals. NSURJ publishes every spring semester. For more information about how to submit research, visit