During the Nov. 27 issue of the Nevada Sagebrush I wrote a piece that was a game recap for the UNLV v.s. Nevada game. Before I go into the factual portion of the game recap in my introduction I used a quote from Charles Barkley to describe the UNLV and Nevada game, which compared the two teams to two ugly girls fighting.

In looking back on the quote, it was not the best way to describe the game in any way. There were a good deal of other ways to portray the same sentiment, but by putting that quote in there I did not take into consideration how the comment would make the female audience feel. Sports has long been plagued by the “boys club” mentality, so I, as a writer, need to heed that when delving into any piece.

On top of the quote that I used from Barkley, the commentary expressed in the piece is in no way the sentiments expressed by the entire Sagebrush staff. And from an editing perspective, everyone from the top down will make more of an effort to ensure that diverse voices have a say in what does and what does not go to print.

Looking forward I vow to ensure the writing I put forth in this publication is respectful of all our readers. It was not my intention for anyone to feel attacked whatsoever. In the future I will work to limit my bias, to make sure The Nevada Sagebrush is producing content that does not isolate any person based on race, personal beliefs or sexual identity.

Again I’d like to express my deepest regrets for making any woman feel that this was attack on them in any way shape or form. If there are any other gripes with this piece or others produce please do not hesitate to reach out, so we can make a concerted effort to improve the quality of our work.