INTO cancels negotiations with UNR

UNR Provost Kevin Carman stopped by the Senate this week to talk about an initiative on expanding the travel abroad program meant to bring more international students to UNR and send more UNR students abroad. Carman previously talked about this at a Senate meeting last semester. He said that in order to do this, they attempted to contract with a group called INTO to help recruit international students to UNR. However, negotiations have been canceled by INTO because of the political landscape of the nation and hesitation of students to come to the state of Nevada since the Oct. 1 shooting in Las Vegas. President Marc Johnson and Carman are looking into other options, and have “learned a lot from this experience.” Carman said he is now talking to USAC about how to bring more international students to campus. He said a clearer path will be known in about a month. Carman said that bringing international students to UNR will bring in more revenue as well as diversify the campus.

Parking and Transportation revising shuttle routes

Members of the Parking and Transportation team presented on the parking and transportation budget. They said the current shuttle system — Pack Transit — is no longer feasible. Parking fees have not covered the cost it takes to run the shuttle system and is in debt by $517,000 and are losing more than $530,000 annually. In order to fix this deficit, they are proposing fewer buses operate fewer hours and they will not operate over breaks. They are also considering an extended route that would cost each student $12 a year. These buses would run the normal hours, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. These buses would also not run through breaks. However, they would add GPS to the shuttles and campus escort vehicles so students could know when their transportation is coming. In order to do this, the Senate would have to pass legislation to approve it.


Resolution supporting Net Neutrality passed

A resolution in support of Net Neutrality was passed by the Senate. The Federal Communications Commission repealed net neutrality laws on Dec. 14. The resolution states that everyone should have free and open access to the internet without Internet Service Providers charging more for faster content and “restricting free speech”. The resolution passed unanimously. The resolution will be sent to Nevada senators, the FCC and President Donald Trump.

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