The unseasonably warm weather and the stress of an already busy semester has a lot of students looking forward to summer break. For students, however, summer means a lot more than beaches, late nights and ice cream. It’s the perfect time for dedicated students to land an amazing summer internship.

Whether you are a graduating senior looking for a pathway to a great career, or an underclassman in search of some professional experience, a summer internship is a perfect opportunity to make valuable connections and explore personal interests.

Landing the perfect internship can seem like an impossible task, but there are things you can do to ensure you’ll have a successful summer 2018. This is News You Can Use with a guide to summer internships.

How to Find the Perfect Fit

As much as we’d all like the perfect internship to just fall into our laps, most of us aren’t that lucky and the search to find the perfect summer internship can be overwhelming.

Maybe you want to go for a position at a well-known tech company in the Bay Area, or maybe you want to explore more opportunities in your local area; there are thousands of internships across the country for students seeking work experience. How do you find them? A general search for “internships” online will leave you with more results than any sane person can sort through.

As university students, we are lucky to be surrounded by more smart, well-connected adults than any other place on Earth, so take advantage of it! Many colleges have advisors specifically for finding internships, and if not, the Career Studio is the perfect place to start your internship hunt. Using an internship specific search engine like can be another great way to scope out positions across the country.

The Spring Career and Internship Expo here at the University of Nevada, Reno, is also an easy way to see what opportunities can be found right at home. What could be better than over 50 employers all together in one room? The expo is on Thursday, Feb. 8 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., so dress your best and bring along your resume. Who knows, maybe you’ll get hired right there on the spot.

Your Resume

Once you find the perfect internship for you, or even better, a handful of them, it’s time to apply. Since most applications are online these days, your resume becomes your first impression, and we all know how important those are. Keep your resume concise and engaging, limit it to only one page, and as a general rule keep high school out of it. While it may be tempting to perfect your resume and send it out to every company in sight, it’s recommended to tailor your resume to each different internship, depending on what they’re looking for. The experts at the Career Studio, who are available to help you with your resume, cover letter and other questions, recommend you keep a master resume on file, with everything you’ve ever accomplished listed, and when you send in a resume to a specific company, pick and choose the most important experiences.

Getting Credit through the University

Depending on which college you belong to, a professional internship may be a requirement before you graduate. If not, you can still get university credit for your work over the summer. ACE 400 is an internship course that’s not tied to a particular major. Even if your internship is paid, which most these days are, you can still get credits toward graduation. That’s a pretty sweet deal.

Finding your summer internship doesn’t have to be that stressful after all. With valuable resources across campus, you are well on your way to finding and landing the internship of your dreams.

Emily Fisher can be reached at and on Twitter @NevadaSagebrush.