Sarwar resigns amid scheduling conflicts

Suriya Sarwar, senator for the Interdisciplinary Programs, resigned Wednesday from her position. In her resignation letter, she stated she was enrolled in a class that met at the same time as the weekly Senate meetings.

“I’ve enjoyed working with such a smart and talented group of people, and am excited to see what you all accomplish from here on out,” Sarwar said. “Thank you for the opportunities for growth that you all have provided me.”


Buckenmeyer nominated for Assistant Chair for Civic Engagement

Makenna Buckenmeyer was nominated to the position of Assistant Chair for Civic Engagement by Elections Chair Courtney Kinsella. Kinsella nominated Buckenmeyer because of her past experience on the Panhellenic Council. The senators were concerned with Buckenmeyer’s ability to adapt quickly because she was brought on late into the 85th session, and Kinsella is in the middle of running election season.

Kinsella defended her nominee by saying that she believed in Buckenmeyer’s ability to learn quickly and be efficient in her position. Most of the senators were convinced as a majority confirmed her nomination.


Senate replaces resources in CSE

The Senate voted to replace resources in the Center for Student Engagement which are no longer functioning to the best of their ability. These items include a popcorn machine, a cotton candy machine and more. The total cost of these resources is about $1,500. The money for these resources comes from the ASUN capital fund.

Senate grants additional funding to Pack Provisions

Pack Provisions — a free food pantry for students who are food insecure — requested additional funding from the ASUN Senate. Pack Provisions saw an increase of student necessity in the last year. The funds will be used to purchase Winco cards. The funds are being reallocated from Pack Provision’s account, and they were originally supposed to be used for salaries.

Senate changes operating budget

Items from the ASUN Operating Budget were out of place. The funds for the ASUN retreat and banquet were under the funds for the Committee of Budget and Finance, when the Chief of Staff is the person that needs access to those funds. The Chief of Staff would need to request the funds from the committee in order to plan the retreat and banquet. The Senate voted to move these funds — $5,000 total — to the executive board account so the money would be easier to access by the Chief of Staff.

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